So you can know how much time you spend on the Internet or each program

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So you can know how much time you spend on the Internet or each program 1

It is clear that many of us spend a lot of time in front of a computer, either to work or simply to have fun for a while, but this does not mean that, quite possibly, the number of hours is large. But if it happens to you like me, I really can’t tell you exactly how long am i on the internet or in a programSo today we are going to see how we can do to find out.

To do this, we are going to use some other program capable of track all our activity when we sit in front of the computer. That is, this software will show us the time we actually spend using our programs or even each tab of our browser.

Complete monitoring of our activity


In order to achieve a complete monitoring of what we do, we can use a tool that will allow us to know how we invest the time we are in front of a computer.

Is about MagicTime software that we can use as individuals, but that can also be installed in a company to control the level of productivity of employees. It is available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

With this tool we will be able to automatically register the use of the computer, knowing which applications we have used for how long. In addition, it is capable of keeping a record of the websites that we visit during the time that the computer is on or that we have MagicTime active.

How to use


The first thing we have to choose when opening it is whether we want to work with the cloud, with the computer or online and several computers. We choose the second option to find out how we use the time on our computer.

From there we will not have to do anything else, since activates automatically and we will see how in its interface it is marking us in a time graph to see the use of the computer, the applications or the documents.

Below we will see how it tells us that programs we have used and for how long, the start of use, the end and then the duration. Right next to it we will see the programs used and the percentage of use in the time that we have been with the active program.


ManicTime statistics

At the top we have two tabs, a call Day, which is where we are and another that calls Statistics, where we will see what we have done during the week in which we are immersed. So it comes by default, but we can change the dates and show us the period of time that we want.

In this part of the program we can also manage what we see in different ways, that is, we have these options:

  • Day length: we will see everything that has been done in the selected days.
  • Top Applications: it will be ordered by the most used applications.
  • Top Documents: the order is marked by the documents that have been used the most.
  • Top Computer use: this time it is the time on the computer that marks the order.
  • Top Tags: the most used tags will go first.
  • Personalized: we will customize what we want to see before.

In this part of the program we have two other parts, two very interesting options such as Copy and Export. With the first one we will be able to copy the statistics to a document that we have open and with export a capture in PNG form of what we are seeing at that moment will be saved on our computer.


Another software that we can with which we can collect the time we spend using each application or how many hours we spend browsing the Internet is ActivityWatch. This free program shows us the statistics on a dashboard so that we are aware of how much time we spend on each part of our computer. Count with one history of our activity, so it is possible to consult the statistics of previous days.

How to use

time you spend on the internet

To start using ActivityWatch on the PC, the first thing we have to do is download it, it is available for Windows, Linux and macOS, and after unzipping the file that is saved on our disk, we launch the executable aw-qt.exe.

This will make an icon appear in the systray, which means that has started to monitor our activity in the computer. The program will be tracking everything we do on the computer, what programs we use or where and how much we browse, until we close it.


time you spend on the internet

If we want to see our statistics, we simply have to click with the right mouse button on the ActivityWatch icon in the system tray and select the option Open Dashboard.

This will open a new tab in our browser where we can find the time we have dedicated to each application while the tool has been tracking us. To see it, we just have to display the option Activity and select the name of our team.

At that time we will see all our activity on the computer, both the time we have spent in each of the programs or browsers that we have been using.

Know how long the computer has been on

If we only want to know how long our computer has been on and we do not want to have to install any type of program, from Windows we can know if we execute a command. It is very easy and we only have to do the following:

  • Press the key on the keyboard Windows together with the R key, or if you prefer, you can right-click on the Windows symbol in the Start menu and then click on Run.
  • In the next window that appears we must write exe and click on To accept.
  • Now we will enter the Windows Command Prompt, where we are going to write systeminfo
  • Then we will see that a lot of data appears on the screen, but the one that interests us is the one that says System startup time. There we will see how long the computer has been on.

systeminfo command prompt

It will not indicate anything more than that, but it can be a good piece of information if it is the only thing we were looking for. For the rest, we already have the two tools that we have shown you lines above.

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