So you can have a network hard drive and share movies and series

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So you can have a network hard drive and share movies and series 1

In practically any home we find devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, game consoles or tablets. All these devices are ideal to connect to the Internet and enjoy everything that the network offers us. But we can also make our own home network give us more options and that is why today we are going to tell you how it can be have a network hard drive and share movies and series.


Obviously everyone wants to see the same thing at all times and that is when the discussions can begin and, since we do not want that to happen, it has occurred to us that a good way to avoid this would be to have a network hard drive with all our series, movies, cartoons or documentaries, so that everyone can access it and consume the content they want.

Obviously we will need to have Internet connection at home and therefore with a WiFi router. The next thing is to have a external hard drive where we have movies, series, documentaries or cartoons stored.

It goes without saying that most of us end up downloading a lot of content from the internet. As mentioned in the last paragraph, this can include movies, PC games, documentaries, tv shows, and even music albums. Storing all this on your system’s hard drive can end up slowing your computer down. This is why experts point out that when you download content from you transfer the same to an external hard drive to free up the space.

Share with Windows

We can share the hard drive through Windows, being a faculty that many do not know what can be done. The steps that we must follow are not few, but they are not excessively difficult either.

If you have bought a new hard drive, you usually already will have a unit assigned nothing more than you have plugged them into the USB of the computer, but in case this does not happen we should do the following.

  • We write in the search menu of the Start menu Team management.
  • Now we click on the first option that comes out, whose name is the same, Team management.

team management

  • Now we must click on Storage (left box of the screen) and now the drop-down will appear Disk management.
  • Then we look for the unit in the section on the inside of this window. It will be easy because it comes with the label Not assigned.
  • Now you must click on the right button and click on New volume simple.
  • Now we click on the screens until we have the option to assign a drive letter and the file system, which we must choose NTFS.

At this moment when we go to the Windows File Explorer we will see how this new unit that we have just assigned appears to us. Now we just have to fill it with everything we want to start sharing it online.

Once our new unit (if that was the case) or the unit that we already had, is with everything that we want to share on the network, it is time to do the following:

  • We enter the File Browser Windows.
  • Click on the hard drive with the right button mouse and select Properties.
  • Then we will see a tab called Share, which we must open.
  • Then it is time to click on Advanced sharing.

Disk properties

  • In the next tab we must click on Share this folder and then put the name that we want, which does not have to be the same as it had and then Set the limit of concurrent users.
  • Then we have a tab that says Permissions where we will give the permissions we want to the hard drive shared between Total control, Change (to allow someone to change the contents of the disc) or read (to grant whether or not the hard drive can be read).

Now we must make a change to get anyone on our network to access the hard drive.

  • We are going to Control Panel typing it in the search of the start menu and selecting the first option that comes out.
  • Then we enter Network and Internet.
  • Now we must click on Center network and sharing.
  • Click on Change advanced sharing settings.
  • Then we have to mark All networks and search Password protected sharing to then check the box Turn off password protected sharing.

disable password share

Now it is convenient to restart the computer so that all these changes take effect from the beginning.

Connecting to the router

To share a hard drive with several network devices through direct connection to the router, we can try to do them in several ways, connecting the external hard drive to the router directly. via USB port if it has one or through a port Ethernet.

If our router has a USB port, we will have to connect the external hard drive and share it with the other computers that connect to the network creating a network drive or share, for example, from our Windows computer.

  • To do this, we enter the File Browser and click with the right mouse button on This team. This option is in the window on the left.
  • Now we must choose Map network drive.
  • At that moment a new window will open to indicate the letter of the network drive and the router IP address, creating a mapping of this as if it were one more unit of the computer.config1
  • If we do not know the IP address of the router, we can open a window of Symbol of the system and run the command ipconfig to see it where it shows the Default Gateway.


  • Now we must copy it in the field Binder along with the real address where the files that we want to share are stored (ipPuertaEnlacerutafiles).
  • At this time we must uncheck one of the boxes that appear below. Exactly the one that says Connect again at login in order to avoid possible problems later with the rest of the devices.
  • Now we only have to click on Finalize.

Using third party program

We can use the app FlexiHub, which despite not being free, does have a free demo period, to be able to test it.

To use it, all we have to do is the following:

  • Must sign up and once we have done it, we must download and install the software on the computer let it be the one that will serve as a remote environment for everyone else.
  • Now we open the application, we started session Y we select the hard drive that we want to share.
  • Now we must install the application on the rest of the computers or devices that we want and all we have to do is locate the drive we just shared. We can use so much computer Windows, like macOS and mobile both Android like iOS.

It is a very simple way to share a hard drive, but it has the problem of being paid. For one user, up to 5 computers and remote access for 3 devices at the same time (Personal Plan) cost 14 euros per month. Then there are Business Plans and Teams dedicated to companies in which the first is paid for the use and in the second the cost is 12 euros for each member account.

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