So you can edit screenshots quickly on your Samsung mobile

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So you can edit screenshots quickly on your Samsung mobile 1

Take screenshots on mobile It is something that any Android user has done at some point. There are many ways to take captures, we can even do them in any application on the mobile, also in those in which it is not possible. Sometimes we want to edit that capture and on Samsung phones we have an option with which we can edit them quickly.

Samsung’s One UI is a customization layer that gives many customization and productivity options. If you want to be able to edit your screenshots As soon as you remove them, there is an option that allows you to enter a toolbar directly on the screen to be able to edit them.

Edit your screenshots in Samsung’s One UI

Samsung One UI toolbar screenshots

Taking a screenshot on a Samsung mobile is simple, with a couple of methods available: using the power button and the volume down button or passing the palm of your hand over the screen. This is something simple, but if we want to be able to edit these captures, we have to activate an option that makes it possible. This option will bring up a toolbar at the bottom of the screen, with which to edit or share that capture. The steps to follow are:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Go to the Advanced functions section.
  3. Enter Screen Capture and Recording.
  4. Activate the Capture Toolbar option.

With these steps we have activated the toolbar for screenshots in Samsung One UI. When you take a screenshot on your phone, you will see that A toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen, with various options. By clicking on them you can open the image editor, to edit said capture directly.

The editor will allow you to add effects or filters to the capture, also draw lines to mark something or add text, if you wish, the usual options to edit it. Then you can save it on your mobile or share it with other people, by messaging or email.

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