So you can easily download YouTube videos

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On YouTube you can see the latest video clip of your favorite artist or some viral videos that have been with us for decades. Characters with mythical phrases like Ramón de Pitis but also interesting videos, documentaries and scientific studies. Everything is on YouTube. And you may have ever wanted or needed a video to watch it offline, without the need for Internet. Either to share with your friends or for a class at the institute. In those cases, you can download videos on YouTube and we explain some methods to do it.

There are several options: we can watch offline videos without connection from YouTube itself, download the entire video or convert it into an audio track if, for example, you want specific music.

Watch offline videos

The option that YouTube allows us to download videos to watch offline is to do it with YouTube Premium. In this case, it is the official and default way that the Google platform includes to download videos but it does not download an MP4 video file that you can cut and use as you wish, but rather it is a subscription that allows us to download a video for watch it offline, no ads. We did not need the Internet but it would be seen through the YouTube app itself in the same way that you watch episodes downloaded on Netflix or on HBO or Disney +.

YouTube Premium has a price. YouTube Premium has a two-month free trial and then is priced at 11.99 euros per month with periodic billing and the ability to cancel at any time. The advantages are that we can have videos without interruptions and without ads but also that we can download videos on YouTube to watch them whenever we want and we don’t have to be connected to the Internet. To see them on a plane, in the subway, on a trip, on the tablet if you want your children to watch cartoons but you don’t have Internet, etc.

So you can easily download YouTube videos 1Beyond 11.99 euros per month for the individual plan there are other subscription options with a free trial month: the family subscription with up to five members for 17.99 euros per month and the student plan with a free trial month and for 6.99 euros per month always and when you verify that you are a student.

Download from mobile

You can download YouTube videos from your mobile or tablet from the YouTube application once you are premium. It’s simple: just use the application’s search engine to find the video you want. You will see, as in the screenshot below, that under the video you will find the “Download” button along with other common ones such as chats, sharing, saving … Tap on it and wait a few seconds or minutes for it to download. How long it takes to download it will depend on the duration of the same so it can be only a few seconds or several minutes depending on whether it is just a song or an entire show.


When it’s downloaded, tap on “Library” in the bottom bar of application icons. Here your history, your videos will appear. And “Downloads” will also appear. If you choose this option, you will see the downloads that you have pending, the videos downloaded from YouTube and that you can see even if you do not have an Internet connection. Those videos or content will be available as long as the device connects to the Internet every thirty days and the download will automatically update until you decide to delete it or replace it with another.

Use videos to make GIFs

If you want to make a GIF you don’t need to download the video as such but you can automatically make the GIF by copying the video link, which will save you the process. It is usual that we are interested in specific scenes of something that happened on television or the typical episode of The Simpsons that you want to use to create a meme. In that case, it is not necessary to download YouTube videos but Giphy, for example, is able to show you the video to you choose the exact frames you want to add to your movie clip. It is quick and easy.

  • Open Giphy
  • You must register or be registered and log in
  • Tap on Create at the top
  • You will see a space to paste a URL
  • Paste here the URL of the YouTube video you want
  • You will see the full video through Giphy
  • Select the duration and the seconds you want to add
  • Customize with text, stickers, colors or effects
  • Add information or labels to the design
  • Click on “Upload to Giphy” and wait a few seconds

The process will be complete and you will be able to download the GIF for the duration you want and not necessarily have downloaded the full YouTube video. Once you have the GIF you can share it on social networks, applications, websites.


Online tools and specialized websites

Neither of the two previous options may seem valid to you: you do not want the YouTube video to watch it offline, nor do you want it to make GIFs. You may simply want to send it to a friend who doesn’t have internet, save it, or make a video meme to share. Or save yourself a video clip that you like from your favorite artist. In all these cases, there are specialized websites that help us download YouTube videos. Online tools that allow you to download videos without having to download anything to your computer to carry out the process.


Savefrom is one of the current websites that allows us to download the video we want from YouTube without complications and we only have to copy the URL of the video on the page, in the corresponding heuco, and touch “Download”. It gives us the option to download the full video or download the music. It also has a browser add-on that we can install in google chrome to always have it at hand if we don’t want to have to search the web at all times. You install it and just use it every time you want to download something. Please note that there are videos that will not be available for download due to the copyright they may include. If you don’t have them, there will be no problem.



One of the great classics for downloading videos on YouTube is, a website that has been running for years and that you can access from your computer’s browser but also from your mobile phone if you need it. How does it work? Very easy, you just have to copy the multimedia address of the video in the corresponding box, touch “Continue” and choose the conversion format. You may want to download a YouTube video but you also want only the music or sound to be downloaded via MP3. Then, select the format you want and click on “Download”. You have to take into account that there may be specific failures, as in most tools of this type, in case it is a video with copyright on YouTube and it does not allow you to download it. Normally it will be easy if this copyright does not exist.


An advantage of ClipConverter is that it also has a browser plugin that we can use in Chrome, Firefox and Safari to have the button always at hand. What the plugin does is add a button to YouTube when you are browsing the Internet and you will automatically see “ClipConverter Mp3 / Mp4” under a video when you are watching it. You just have to tap on the button and download.



YouZik is similar to the previous ones and allows us to download a video that you need from YouTube in MP3 or MP4 format, trying to have the highest possible quality. You can save the file on your computer or do whatever you want with it. The operation is identical to the previous ones and the web is very basic, with a single space where you can paste the URL of the video you need. You can also use it as a search engine: write what you want and automatically YOUZIK look for the results. Once you have the video, you will find a button for MP4 and another for MP4. Confirm, download and wait a few seconds for the video to be available.

It also has the possibility of being used from Android and boasts being easy to use from any device: web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or browsers for Android mobile phones or tablets.


Download from mobile

If you want to do it from your mobile phone, there are specialized applications that allow you to download YouTube videos to your computer or tablet. You will not find them in the Google Play Store generally, but you will find them in alternative stores such as UpToDown or on its own website with an APK download to install.


Snaptube is an easy-to-use application that is not only compatible with download YouTube videos but also d Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, VIMEO, Vevo. Just copy the URL to download the videos for free that you have seen as long as they meet certain requirements. It offers different resolutions and different formats such as MP3 or M4A, for example, depending on what you are looking for.


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