So you can download a part of a video or song from YouTube

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download part video

On Youtube we can find our musical themes Y videos favorites of any kind. But the content is so extensive that, sometimes, we may want to select a fragment of that piece and always have it at hand on our devices. This is possible thanks to various tools available on the net. With them we can download the fragment of that video or song how much we like YouTube. Next, we will give you several options.

Despite the emergence of new streaming formats, YouTube continues to occupy a prominent place. When any video or song comes to mind, we turn to this platform practically automatically.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), the content download from YouTube it is the order of the day. Many of us, at some point, have resorted to it in some way. In a fairly accessible way, we can download any video to watch it again as many times as we want. Thus, we do not need to be aware of an Internet connection to enjoy it, and it is not necessary to have to enter the web or the application again and again. The same goes for our favorite song or video clip. We listen to it regularly and if we have it downloaded to our pc or mobile, we save ourselves the steps of having to search for it on the platform.

But it is possible that, instead of wanting to have the whole song or video, we want to have a fragment concrete. That is, if we listen to a concert on YouTube and we only want to download a song, we can get it. Usually, the process in these cases is to download the video and use an editing program to extract the specific clip. But we have other online solutions at hand that will allow us to download a specific part of a video or song (audio only). In these cases, it will not be necessary to install any program.

Download a video part

It is possible that we are watching a complete program, an interview or any other extensive content on YouTube. But we can choose that specific part of the video that most attracts our attention. We have some ways to do it directly from our device that do not require very advanced knowledge.

From the computer

The only requirement we need for the first of the processes is to connect to the Internet. The rest will come rolled. First of all we propose ClipConverter, a site from which we can download a video clip without the need for installations. All very fast and easy.

  • We will have to access the website through this link. In the multimedia Address bar we directly paste the url of the video that we want to convert. Now we give the button Continue.
  • In section Conversion format, in this case we will have to choose the option of MP4 and we will be presented with some options.
  • As we want to download part of the video, we will disable the Start of video and End of video boxes.
  • When we do, we will have to manually enter the time interval in hours, minutes and seconds. For example, we will choose a clip from the second 10 and the 30. Now we give Begin and we wait for the process to finish.

download part video

  • After a few moments, we will have our video fragment available. We will only have download it and choose the location.

This can also be done if we want to preserve the audio. But beware, currently ClipConverter it does not allow converting and cutting videos with music contentl. So at this time we will give another alternative.

download part video

From the phone

We can also carry out the action from the mobile phone. But it can be annoying and impractical. Not only because of advertising, but because this website is not in a suitable format to work from the phone. In this sense, we turn to Clideo, a very complete, current and easy-to-use online platform.

  • When you access the Clideo’s website from your mobile browser you will find several options. Go down a bit and press on Cut off.
  • Now you will have to choose a file. Unfold the arrow and choose the last one, which allows you paste a url. In this sense, you must have previously copied the address of the video in question. From the YouTube app, you just have to click on the Share option that is under the video and choose Copy link.

download part video

  • With the url pasted, hit Enter on the keyboard and the conversion process will then begin.
  • Now, from the screen itself, you can choose the video extract you want with the two ends of the yellow selector. Drag and drop.
  • Below, in a couple of boxes, you will be indicating the interval time you are selecting. If you wish you can also make the selection of manual way.
  • Finally, select To export and wait a few moments. Depending on the fragment chosen, it will take more or less time. You just stay to download the content in your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

download part video

Download a part of a song

It is also possible that on YouTube we have the video clip of our favorite song. However, here we prefer to stay only with the audio to be able to listen to it as many times as we want, either on our pc or on our mobile. In this way, we will save ourselves from entering YouTube when we want to listen to it.

From the computer

It is possible that the subject we want is within the video of a concert. Or simply, we want for whatever reason only one fragment of the song. The tool Kapwing, which also offers us an online solution, is a good alternative. And it will serve us both for a part of the audio of a YouTube song or a video.

  • When let’s enter the web, we click on Start editing and we paste the url of the video under the second frame. Little by little the frames of the video will be loaded.
  • Now, the key is in the option Split. With it, we will establish the different cuts to select a portion of the song. To activate it we must have the video stopped.

download part video

  • When we have left with the audio we want, the parts of the timeline that are outside this fragment we will erase. We click on them with the right button and choose Delete.
  • Now we go to the top right and click on the button Export, but not in the center, but in the arrow. A drop-down will appear and we choose Export as MP3.
  • You can share the video directly on your social media profiles, re-edit or download it.

download part video

From the phone

The option that we will use to do the process from the mobile will be familiar to us. And it is that it is again Clideo. This platform, which is the website par excellence for these tasks, offers multiple functions. Now we will go to the tool that allows cut songs since this link.

  • Again we activate the drop-down in Choose a file and we paste the url from the video from which we want to extract the song.
  • But now, instead of finding the frames of the video, we will have in front of us only the audio line.
  • Once here we choose the interval time we want, either manually with the yellow selector.
  • When we have it, we go to the bottom of the screen and click To export. We will have it available to download on Google Drive or Dropbox.

download part video

Convert a video part to GIF

Another of the many functionalities that we can do with a video fragment is to convert it into a GIF. Undoubtedly, a good utility that many have crossed our minds and that, in addition, is more fashionable than ever. To do this, we have a tool that allows us to do it with a video that we have on our computer, or by inserting the url of a YouTube video. Is about GIPHY. It is free and we will only have to register. But keep in mind that the piece from which we extract the animated image should not be longer than 15 minutes.

  • Within the site, we will have to paste the address into a space in Create.
  • We will have from the first moment the option to choose the second start and end with the slider. It should last as long 15 seconds.

Create a GIF from YouTube Giphy

  • When it is, click on Continue to decorate. Here you can add text and color, decorative elements, draw on the image, etc. Here you can try and experiment as you wish.
  • When everything is done, it is time to give Continue. You can add tags and choose if your GIF will be public or private.
  • Confirm by clicking on Upload to GIPHY and the process will be completed.

Create GIF from YouTube with Giphy

  • When the animated image has been uploaded to the web page, we will only have download it and choose the location of it. It is also possible to share it on your profiles social media. On the account itself, you will have access to your GIFS library.

giphy account

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