So you can direct 4 people with what’s new from Instagram

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Instagram anniversary

In Spain, in recent months we have experienced a boom in video calls and direct calls on platforms such as Instagram. The social network has decided to implement a new feature called Live Rooms with which it will take live shows one step further.

Instagram now allows you to perform live with 3 other people

Live broadcasts are becoming more and more frequent in our day-to-day lives, and it is becoming easier to take a mobile phone and start broadcasting live for everyone.

So you can direct 4 people with what's new from Instagram 1

Although live shows are normally an activity that we carry out individually, it is a content format in which several people meet in a call and broadcast live, such as a gathering or whatever comes to mind.

For this, Instagram has presented Live Rooms, a feature that allows us to broadcast live with 3 other people, making a total of 4.

So you can direct 4 people with what's new from Instagram 2

The process is simple, and it is enough to go to the section to broadcast live. In the broadcast we will have an icon in the shape of a camera and the add symbol. We select from there and we can invite up to 3 more people. The possibility of adding allows us total flexibility, being able to invite 2 people, later invite a third and when someone is going to invite another person.

To give a practical example of what type of uses it will have, Instagram has confirmed that the new Live Rooms function will be used by RTVE as part of the Goya 2021 Awards coverage, with live connections with the protagonists of the gala.

The new feature begins to roll out from today, so it is recommended that you have the application fully updated before proceeding. Even so, these types of deployments are usually made progressively, so you may have to wait a while until this function appears.

So you can direct 4 people with what's new from Instagram 3


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