So you can connect your tablet to your Smart TV

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If we have a tablet and we want to see everything that is broadcast on it in our Smart tv We have several ways of doing it, differentiated by the type of devices that we have in our possession, as is evident.

On many occasions we need our tablet to be connected to the Smart TV above all to be able to see specific content on a much larger screen, and although there are programs that can already be connected directly, others do not have this ability and we will have to send the signal ourselves . Let’s see the different ways to do it, both wirelessly and with different cables.

Send wirelessly

The easiest and most comfortable way to connect our tablet with our smart TV is wirelessly, since in this way everything will be fast and without the hassle of having to do anything physically.

For this need we have several ways to achieve it and everything will depend very much on the products that we have to synchronize and on what systems each one has. Let’s see what they are.


Miracast is a protocol that will allow us connect two devices that are compatible with this system, mirroring the screen of one in the other. In this case sample tablet will appear on the TV. This way of synchronizing requires that the screen of the mobile device that is sending the image is always on, since at the moment it is blocked, what we will see is the black color, since Miracast reproduces exactly what happens in said panel.

Miracast works by sending the content that we want to be seen on TV using WiFi Direct, technology that we are going to talk about later. This does not mean that we should have both products on the same WiFi, what really happens is that between the two, their own network is created.

To send the image of an Android and use Miracast, we will only have to perform a few very simple steps.

  • We open the screen of quick functions from Android.
  • Now looking at the icons that appear, we must find the one that says Send or Send screen.

Send android screen

  • At that precise moment he will start search for devices compatible and when you find our smart TV, we just have to press.
  • Then the television will notify us and ask us to give permission, to which we must answer yes.
  • At that time we should already see the screen reproduced.


AirPlay is the protocol that Apple uses to two devices can be connected wirelessly to play video and audio. The Cupertino system is characterized by being very versatile, since it allows sending not only image but also audio at the same time.

In the case of the Apple system, the products that we are going to synchronize must be both on the same WiFi network, because if not the system is not capable of working.

To be able to use it, for example, on an iPad towards our television we must do the following:

  • All we have to do is use the option Screen mirroring. In the case of the iPad it is in Control center.
  • Once pressed, we must select the Smart TV in which we want to duplicate and grant permissions on it. If a code appears we must enter it.

Screen mirroring

WiFi Direct

It is a technology that has been designed so that two devices connect each other, which is used for example the Miracast that we have seen previously. It is a protocol by which files can be exchanged, being a much faster technology than Bluetooth, for example.

Thanks to it, we can send an image to a printer, as well as being the system by which all casts are able to send the image or audio from one product to another.


NFC (Near Field Communication) is a system by which we can communicate two devices. This technology works in the 13.56 MHz band having a extremely low operating radius.

We can use it to set up your tablet and smart TV just by bringing one device closer to another, but it will not really synchronize and use it to transfer the screen, although it could be used to send a file.

Other cases

We can find cases like Samsung that uses its own application and system to get the image from one product to another, although it is also compatible with the standard systems that we have told you about.

The brand uses the system Samsung SmartView to connect your products with your televisions, being able to control everything you want from the tablet or smartphone. Not only will we be able to pass the image from one to the other, but from our mobile we can control everything that happens on the television, from writing what we are looking for to getting it to be the remote control.

Connect with cables

If we cannot synchronize through any type of wireless connection because our television does not allow it or because it is not directly a smart television, we can always resort to cables that we have used all our lives and that in this case they become protagonists again.

As is normal, we will have several options as far as cables are concerned, since there are several ways in which we can perform this action. Let’s see the main options.


We can choose to have a cable that directly passes the signal from the port USB C to HDMI signal input from our television. This type of cable is very common today so we will not have any problem getting one of this type.

We can decide on one that is either a direct HDMI cable or one that has an adapter where to place an external cable.

USB C to HDMI adapter

So you can connect your tablet to your Smart TV 7So you can connect your tablet to your Smart TV 8So you can connect your tablet to your Smart TV 9So you can connect your tablet to your Smart TV 10So you can connect your tablet to your Smart TV 11So you can connect your tablet to your Smart TV 12So you can connect your tablet to your Smart TV 13



Lightning to HDMI

If we have an Apple then we must get a cable that is compatible with your Lightning input, in addition to having an HDMI port. The best thing for this task is to use one of the many adapters with these characteristics.

Other connectors

It may be that we are forced to use other types of connectors because our television is somewhat old or because we must use a different type of connection.

In the case, for example, of having a Euroconnector, it will force us to use more than one adapter, that is, we can consider having an HDMI to Scart adapter and use HDMI with one of the ones we have taught you before.

This would be the only way to achieve it, since adapters of this type that go from a USB C or Lightning to a Scart directly do not exist.

Use specific devices

We can also use specific devices to ensure that our television, which does not have the possibility of receiving the signal from the tablet wirelessly, can have such a specification.

But for that we must have a specific type of products that allow us to achieve it if we connect them to TV.


The Chromecast is a device manufactured by Google that allows us to send all the content of a mobile product to television. We have applications that are specific and that already have a button to get it automatically such as YouTube, but if this does not happen, we can always share the screen as we did with Miracast or AirPlay.

For Chromecast to work, in addition to being connected to the HDMI input of the TV, we must make sure everything is on the same WiFi network.

The way to send the screen to the Chromecast is the same that we used when we did it with Miracast, with the exception that what you will find is the product of the big G, which we must select to be able to sync the two devices.

TV Box

Another option would be to get a TV Box, that is to say, a device that connected to the television makes it become a Smart TV. These devices usually come with Android, either a modification of the brand tailored to the operating system or directly the evolution that Google brought out for televisions called Android TV.

These types of devices come, practically all with wireless connection systems such as Miracast or directly compatibility with Chromecast.

Specific cases

There are specific cases of some applications that manage to perform the task of making the screen of our device appear on the smart TV automatically, as long as the TV is compatible, something that occurs in the vast majority today.

The two most popular that achieve a perfect interaction with any smart TV are YouTube and Spotify, but there are a few more that are capable of doing the same.

Control YouTube

From the app we can connect directly with the Smart TV by pressing the button that we have in the upper right with the same Chromecast has symbol. As is normal, television must be compatible, but this is something that happens in practically all those that are intelligent.

YouTube Chromecast

That way we can put the videos we want and we will see them in a big way in a sample by telecontrolling everything from the mobile product. Obviously we will see all the videos that we want from the largest platform of this type in the world.

Spotify control

Something similar happens with Spotify, since we have direct control when it comes to smart TV, since practically all of them already come with the app pre-installed and ready to synchronize with a mobile or similar. That is, we would not have to make a screen mirror to enjoy the largest music network in the world. with just connect it to tv Using the same type of button that we saw on YouTube, we would already be on TV and we could enjoy the best music.

Spotify Smart TV

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