So you can access the change history of your Instagram profile

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Instagram anniversary

Instagram is one of the most used applications in Spain for a long time. There are users who have had a profile on the social network for years and have seen how it has changed over time, introducing more functions. Your own profile on the social network has also been changing and there is a history where you can see those changes.

It is not about the history of started sessions, a very useful security tool on Instagram, but rather in this case we are talking about the history of changes. In this history in the social network you will see the changes that your profile has suffered over time.

See the change history of your profile on Instagram

Instagram change history

This history of changes will record the modifications that you have made over time in your username, personal names, or your profile descriptions. It is a good way to have all these changes grouped in one place, as well as allowing you to recover some of them in case you have regretted a later change. At any time you can have access to this data again. The steps to access are:

  1. Open Instagram on your Android mobile.
  2. Click on your profile photo in the lower right.
  3. Once in your profile, click on the icon with the three horizontal stripes in the upper right.
  4. Go into Settings.
  5. Go to Security.
  6. Click on Access data.
  7. Go to the Profile Information section.
  8. Click on the section you want to see.

In Profile Information We will be able to see the changes made over time in the username, full names, texts in the biography, as well as links that we put in our biography on the social network. If you want to recover some, or are curious to see the changes over time, you just have to enter each one of them to be able to see them.

Instagram has all those changes recorded in this history, so you will always have access to them In a simple way. A good help if you want to go back to having a certain font or profile description that you really liked in the application.

So you can access the change history of your Instagram profile 1

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