So will the Motorola Moto G 5G: first filtered image

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Motorola has an event scheduled for July 7, where we will see new phones of the brand, which in few months will be on sale in Spain. After having recently presented the One Fusion+, the brand will focus on the family phone Moto G in this case. It is expected that the phone that the mark will be either the Moto G to 5G.

This new Moto G 5G it would be the first device of the brand compatible with 5G. It would also be a model within the family of phones most popular brand. The first photo of this phone has already leaked, showing what would be the design of the same.

This is the design of the Moto G 5G

So will the Motorola Moto G 5G: first filtered image 1

The device will come with a perforated screen, with a double piercing in this case. This design allows you to take advantage of the front of the phone to the maximum. In these perforations would place the cameras in front of the same. In the back of this Moto G 5G there will be four cameras in totallocated on a module of square shape, next to an LED flash.

At the bottom of the camera front can sense a text that would indicate that the main sensor is 48 Mpxthat is something quite common in this middle range. The finger sensor of the phone would be in this case, on one side of the device, below the volume button of the phone. For now it is unknown which is the processor used in this phone, so that you are going to have connectivity 5G.

On the 7th of July we will be able to get out of doubtsbecause that is when it is expected that it will be this Moto G 5G official. The first phone from Motorola compatible with the 5G, which makes it a release that is of importance for the brand. On the price that would have this phone there is no data at the moment, but soon we will have all the data.

The entry way will the Motorola Moto G 5G: first leaked image appears first on The Android Free.