So we can watch Twitch on a Smart TV

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Twitch for Smart TV

Without a doubt the most popular game streaming site today is Twitch, since we can see how others broadcast their games live or we can be the ones to do it. There are quite a few people who love to spend a lot of time watching the live streams of their favorite streamers. Therefore, being able to enjoy a more comfortable and larger display may be very necessary, hence today we will see how we can watch Twitch on our Smart TV.

Depending on which device we use to watch Twitch, so we will choose one way or another to be able to see our favorite streamers on a Smart TV and even some of these smart TVs are already prepared for it.

If we use a mobile

If what we are going to use to watch Twitch is a mobile phone, we can always send the image of it wirelessly to our Smart TV to be able to enjoy all the content of this streaming network on a bigger and clearer screen.


If our device is an Android, the simplest thing is to use the service that it offers us. twitch appas it is compatible with the Google Chromecast systemTherefore, if our Smart TV is also it, we will only have to press the button in the shape of a television with a WiFi signal that is in a corner and it will automatically detect our television to connect to it.

But if we are not lucky enough that our television is compatible with Chromecast, but we do have DLNA, the easiest thing is to use the native system that many of the Android smartphone models have to send the image directly to the Smart TV. Depending on the brand and the personalization layer that we have, this connection system can be called differently and be in a different place, although the most normal thing is to find an icon of the style “Share screen“Or”Wireless projection”. With this, what we achieve is that it detects our television and transfers the image automatically, so that everything that comes out through the mobile can be seen on the screen of our Smart TV.

Android wireless projection

If your Android mobile does not have this ability, you can always use a third-party app of the many that offer this service, although we advise you ApowerMirror. If the TV and the smartphone with ApowerMirror are on the same WiFi network, the connection will be very simpleas the program will detect the Smart TV quickly.


To perform the same task, but in a terminal with iOS, we must make sure that the Smart TV and the Apple device itself are compatible with the AirPlay system. If both are connected to the same WiFi network, the screen will be duplicated when pressing the button with the shape of two screens that is in the shortcut called Screen Mirroring. At that time it will detect the Smart TV and they will connect quickly.

iPhone AirPlay

There is also the possibility that you connect through a third-party app called LetsView. In this case we must have this app both in the Apple device as on the Smart TV itself, so we can only do it if our TV has the Android TV operating system. If everything is fulfilled, we are facing the same facility that we have found in previous cases, we only have to tell the mobile to find the TV and connect.


If we use the computer

In the event that we are going to use the computer with Windows 10 to watch Twitch, but we want to take advantage of the huge screen that we have in the living room to see it better, we can achieve it if both devices are on the same WiFi network.

Once we have made sure of it, we just have to go to Settings> System> Display> Multiple displays> Detect. Now we should see the name of the Smart TV on the PC and double click on it to get everything we see on the computer to be seen on our smart TV.

If we use a Smart TV

The different brands of leading televisions that we have today differ a lot in whether we can install the Twitch app or not. We have different approaches and some surprises, because brands that we all know as keys to Smart TV do not include the possibility of using the most widely used game streaming service app.


  • Samsung: in the Korean brand, it left aside the Twitch application in 2019 and has not placed it again among the chosen ones of its Tizen operating system, so we will not be able to enjoy it directly.
  • Sony: all Sony Smart TVs that come with Android TV as the operating system, can install the Twitch app without any problem and can use it as best suits them.
  • LG: is another brand that has incorporated the Twitch application. It is compatible only for those Smart TVs that have WebOS 3.5 or higher, the brand’s own operating system.
  • Philips: The case of Philips is similar to that of Sony, since all those smart televisions that already come with Android TV will be able to install the Twitch app.
  • Hisense: those models that incorporate Android TV will have no problems, but the rest, even if they are Smart TV, will not be able to have the Twitch application directly.
  • Panasonic: the Smart TV of the Japanese company is the same that we have seen in many others. With Android TV we do have Twitch among the apps that we can install.
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick: In this case we have a Twitch application to install and we can use it directly on this Amazon device.
  • Apple tv: The Twitch app is already part of the catalog of applications that can be used in the Apple system.
  • Android TV Box: any of these devices with Android as the operating system, that are not very old, can have Twitch directly when installing the application.
  • PlayStation and Xbox: In both cases, the latest models can install Twitch on their systems without any problem and thus enjoy it directly.

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