So we can use the Microsoft Teams calendar

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Microsoft Teams Calendar

The Microsoft Teams calendar It is a very necessary part of this software from which we can carry out several interesting actions for the proper development of all who are part of the group of this program.

But before we get into the calendar we should know what exactly Microsoft Themes is. This is one communication and collaboration platform oriented towards the work world, where you can have a chat between work members, video meetings, file storage and even additional applications to enhance the software itself.

This is a system that encompasses several people from the same job in which they will be able to interact continuously and in real time, achieving the greatest similarity to being all inside an office, even managing to overcome that situation in some things, since thanks to this software they interacted with each other can be greater and Faster.

Microsoft Teams calendars

Microsoft Teams has a main calendar that is assigned to the group we are in. Each member of the group may add meetings or events manually and these will be shown to the rest of the people who are in that group. If necessary, people from the group can also be added directly to said meeting or calendar event. If there are any invitees, you can also see that event in the calendar, but you will not be able to create a new one.

We can also share external calendars since Outlook or from services like Google Calendar and the like. The native Microsoft Teams calendar is called Group Calendar and all other external calendars, but these terms are rarely used and they are all considered calendars.

Create a meeting or event on the calendar

It is very easy to create a meeting or event in Teams, we just have to follow these steps:

  • We open the Microsoft Teams application.
  • We select the Calendar.
  • Now we must click on New meeting, which is located at the top right of the screen.

Microsoft Teams calendar

  • At this time we choose the time zone in which we want the meeting to be designated, although the normal thing is to leave it where we are.
  • Then we will give you a title to said metn. That will be the name that will appear on the calendar.
  • At this moment it is time to put the date and time to which the meeting is going to be held, including time slots if we want.
  • Then we must designate attendees, that is, those people who are going to attend. We can call it mandatory or optional.
  • In the next option we can make this type of meetings are regular, that is, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or personalized.
  • Now is the time to add it to a channel determined, so this meeting will be linked to that channel.
  • We can put the Location from where we have called the meeting if we see it necessary.
  • And finally it will be where we must write a text about what is going to be discussed in that meeting or any type of data of interest so that said event takes place as normally as possible. Obviously I could serve as a reminder for others of information or data that they should have prepared for that day.
  • Finally we must click on Send. This will cause the event to be added to the Microsoft Teams calendar and invite those we have added. Once they each accept the invitation, the meeting will be added to their calendars

Microsoft Teams calendar

What is the Scheduling Assistant?

When creating an event Microsoft Teams shows us the option of Scheduling assistant, which is an alternative and maybe more visual way to create or edit an event. The interface is simpler at a glance, being able to select a period of time just by moving the mouse and with the same options that we have seen previously, but this time on the left side of the screen.

The best thing about using this system is like shows the schedules of the group members, which makes it easier for us to place the meeting on a day where everyone is free and there is no need to ask one by one to confirm their attendance. This Scheduling Assistant is an option, although it is good to know about it, since there are many users who prefer to schedule their meetings using this system.

Microsft Teams Programming Assistant

Additional calendars

Everything we have talked about so far we have done with the official Microsoft Teams calendar, but, as we told you before, we can import additional calendars.

It is something that can be useful if the calendar system that you usually use is not Microsoft’s own, so importing the service that is used is a very good solution. We just have to follow a few simple steps, giving the example of importing a google calendar calendar, but the rest of the calendars are made the same way:

  • We are going to Google Calendar and we hover over the calendar name to see the three points that allow us to open the menu.
  • Now let’s Set up and share.
  • We go down until we find the options of Integrate the calendar and we must copy the public URL of the calendar, that is, the one that marks as Use this URL to access this calendar from a web browser.
  • Now let’s Microsoft Teams and we go to the group or chat to which we want to add the calendar.
  • We click on the symbol + from the top of the screen.
  • Click on Website and then we write the url that we have previously copied from the Google Calendar.
  • We can give it a custom name to the calendar if we do not want it to have the one that comes by default.
  • Once that is done, it only remains to click on Keep and the calendar will already be incorporated into the group, with which we will be able to manage meetings or events in that same calendar in the same way as we did in Microsoft Teams’ own.

With all this, you will be able to manage the Microsoft Teams calendar in the best possible way, something that makes a lot of sense and that offers us good options as we have just seen.

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