So we can link a Twitch account to Steam, Amazon and more

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So we can link a Twitch account to Steam, Amazon and more 1

In a world as globalized and connected as the one we live in, communication between different platforms is extremely necessary. Therefore, for all those who are immersed in the universe of the game in Twitch, link your account with other services can be of great help.

There are certain platforms such as YouTube, Steam, Amazon, Epic Games and some more, which are essential for Twitch to link with them and thus obtain advantages that we could not otherwise have. All these links make the different platforms interconnect and can make the Twitch experience better and more complete.

Link Amazon account (Prime Gaming)

If we want to link our Amazon account, we have to tell you that it is done in a very simple way and that it can be the first step to be able to subscribe to Prime Gaming, the service that the company that owns Twitch grants us for the fact of being owners of an Amazon Prime account.

  • We are going to Prime Gaming> Your Twitch accounts.
  • Now we must click on the option Connect a Twitch account.
  • Then we log in to Twitch and then it asks us to link both accounts by clicking on Confirm.

Twitch Amazon account

Now we have linked our Amazon account with Twitch, but at this point it may be interesting to take advantage of and link to Prime Gaming, in order to get multiple benefits in our Twitch account. For this we must do the following.

  • We are going to Prime Gaming.
  • At that moment we will see a blue sign where it says Activate Prime Gaming. It will be in the center of the screen or by pressing on the menu, which are the three vertical stripes on the left side of the screen.
  • Now we come to a window where we must choose to confirm the country we are in and then click Continue.
  • We just have to wait a few seconds and we will be part of Prime Gaming.

Link to Epic Games

In order to link Epic Games we have to do it from the platform itself. But for that, we must first have an Epic Games account, whose way to register is as follows:

  • We came in Epicgames and click on Log in (top right of screen)
  • Now we must click on Sign up, just below bottom right.
  • Then we see the multiple options to register as by email, Facebook, Google, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo or Steam. We choose the one we want and we simply accept the permissions that they request.

It’s that simple to register and have an Epic Games account, which we can now link to the one we have on Twitch in a very simple way.

  • We must go to linked accounts within the Epic Games website.
  • Now we click on the tab Accounts.
  • At that moment we look for where Twitch is and click on
  • Then it tells us which Twitch session we have active and asks us if that is the one we want to link to. If we do not have any active we must do it.
  • When we are sure click on Link Account.
  • Next we must Authorize such a link and after doing so we will see how it returns to the Epic Games Accounts section, showing our Twitch account already linked.

Epic Games Link Account

Link with Steam

Obviously to achieve this link we must have both active accounts, that is, the Twitch and the Steam. If you don’t have a Steam account yet, registering is extremely easy, just follow these steps:

  • The first thing is to click on the top of the Steam page where it says Log in.
  • Later we will see how in the next window, just on the right side, there is a button that says Create Account, where we must press.
  • Now we write everything that asks us such as email, country and we will have to mark the Steam Subscriber Agreement, by clicking on the tab at the bottom of the screen where it says I accept and I am over 13 years old or over and then click on Continue.
  • Now they are going to send us an email, which we must check to be able to have the account active.
  • Once verified we must enter the Name that we want for our Steam account and the login password. Then you have to click on Continue. At that time, availability is sought with the user that we have created.
  • Once verified we must click on Complete registration.

Once we have a Steam account, it is time to link it with the Twitch one, with a few extremely simple steps.

  • We have to enter our Twitch account.
  • Now we are going to click on our username or our avatar at the top right, then select Setting.
  • At that time we will have to go to the tab Connections, where we will see several options to link.
  • One of them is Steam where we must click so that there will be a window in which we will only put our Steam username and password and thus both accounts will be linked.

Steam link Twitch account

Link YouTube

As you well know when we open a Google account, we automatically already have access to all the services of the North American giant, including YouTube.

To get the Twitch account to link with the YouTube account, we must reproduce the steps we did with Steam, that is:

  • We enter our Twitch account.
  • We click on our username or our avatar (top right).
  • Next we must go to Setting.
  • At that time we will have to go to the tab Connections.
  • At that moment we will see how one of the options that we are presented with is to link YouTube, so we must click on Connect.
  • At that moment it will ask us (if we have more than one Google account active on the computer) to choose the account, and then ask us for the appropriate permissions and as soon as we give them, we will already have the two accounts linked.

YouTube account on Twitch

Other platforms

In the same place where we have linked YouTube and Steam, we will have other platforms that we can link and that can be extremely useful to us. These platforms are the following:

  • Blizzard
  • Twitter
  • Riot Games
  • Ubisoft

The way to carry out the pairing is exactly the same than the examples we’ve seen from YouTube and Steam.

As you have seen, linking multiple accounts to our Twitch platform is much easier than you could imagine at first. In addition, we have many possibilities and many of them will bring us advantages that we can use when broadcasting, so it is much more than convenient to have the more the better.

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