So update your Samsung TV to the latest version

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So update your Samsung TV to the latest version 1

Updating devices is something you should always do, whatever it is. Having the firmware in its latest version protects us, allows us to have all the news and ensures better compatibility. That is why in the next paragraphs I will explains how to update the software or firmware of your Smart TV Samsung to a latest version as long as there is an available update that you want to have.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the TV is connected to the Internet and, above all, that it continues to have support. It is possible that if you have an old Smart TV (six, seven, eight years old) there are no new versions that you can install. But if you have a current Samsung Smart TV, surely there are newfirmware versions that will allow us to have a renewed interface, all the news or the greatest possible compatibility with streaming applications that we want to install.

Why is it important to update?

Like we update periodically our phone, our computer or our tablet is also important to do with our television. The first and foremost thing is that we can avoid possible malware through security holes in the version. When there is a problem with an operating system or a bug, manufacturers release new versions to fix this. If you don’t download and update them, you are exposed. And our television, connected to the Internet, is not immune.

Another important reason why we must always update the Samsung Smart TV or any other brand is because we will achieve compatibility with applications. Most of the apps for televisions will force to have an updated version if we want everything to work properly and we can use them.

Helps us improve security, to always have the possible news, to enjoy channels that can reach services such as Samsung TV Plus, etc.

Update operating system

Although the steps may depend on each television, we can go to its settings to see if there is something pending. If there is a more recent version that we can have on our Smart TV. The steps we must follow are:

  • Open the settings using the button on the remote control
  • You will see a series of sections
    • Image
    • Sound
    • Issue
    • general
    • Attendance
    • Terms and privacy
  • Go to: “Attendance”
  • Here we will see several options:
    • Software update
    • Auto diagnosis
    • Open e-Manual
    • Request technical assistance
    • Remote control
    • About this TV
  • Choose the first section: Software update


Here we will have two options: update now or activate automatic update. On the right side of the screen we can see the current version that your Smart TV has installed and we can know if it is the latest or not. If you want to update to a new version, simply touch on the first section: “Update now”. In addition, it is recommended that we activate in this menu to ensure that the updates are automatic without having to worry about doing it from time to time. This way we will forget to follow these steps and we will always have a recent version that can protect us against possible malware entries, etc.

Update with a USB stick

There are several options to update and not only the previous one: if following the steps in the previous section, nothing is available but you do know that there is a more recent version, we can download it to force the update through a pendrive. A less fast and easy option but that Samsung also allows us. It’s not about hacking nor do we run the risk of spoiling it or anything like that. In this case, we need more than just the television and the remote. We need a USB stick larger than 4GB, a computer, and the model number of your TV. The model can be found in the back of it although we can also go to Settings> Support> About this TV and we will see the number.

When we have everything ready and the number with the TV model, we must go to the Samsung download center and use the search bar to enter the model number of your Smart TV. Or we can go by tapping on the different categories: televisions, range, model… Once you have found yours, download the most recent update file from the list. If it doesn’t appear, go to “manuals and downloads” where you can find the firmware you need.

downloadsClick on “download” and you will receive a .zip file or an .exe file. The extension will depend on the version, the model. If it is an executable you will not have to follow the steps to extract it. If it’s a zip file, right-click and choose “extract here”.

Once you have it, take the file or folder that you have unzipped and take it to the USB memory that you will have previously connected to the computer. Safely remove the memory and insert it into the Smart TV. Turn on the TV, go to the button “Smart Home”Of the remote control or the settings button and opens the“ Configuration ”section.

Here you will have to go to Support> Software update> Update now. The option to search for the update on the connected USB will automatically appear and we will only have to follow the corresponding steps to install the new version. When the process is complete, it will turn off and on again and you will have the Samsung Smart TV updated and ready to use.

To update

Update apps

If we want to update the applications independently you should know that the usual thing is that the new versions are installed automatically without you having to do anything but you can check that this option is activated or even we can reinstall in case it doesn’t work. We simply have to go to the “Smart hub” button or the square with colors that you will see on the remote control. Once here, we choose the “apps” section (this will depend on your TV and the version you have installed) and we will see in the upper right corner: Automatic update: Activated.

If you want to check if an app works or not, we can touch on it and it will allow us to reinstall it again so that it works correctly in case of error. Of course, always make sure you have Internet and a good connection so that this process is fast.

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