So it would be the dark mode of Google Maps for Android

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Google Maps

Most of the Google apps that we can use in Android have now with dark mode, some days ago was launched to the app of Google Documents in Spain. One of the few applications that today do not have such a dark mode is Google Maps. It is not known when they will be able to access the same, although we can already do with an idea of how it would turn out that way in the app.

Since the application of Google has a dark mode, launched recently, which we can use to make searches. These searches include access to Google Maps, using said dark mode, allowing us to see how it might look in the interface of the navigation application if you use this mode.

Waiting for the dark mode in Google Maps

So it would be the dark mode of Google Maps for Android 1

Despite the fact that the last year has already dropped to that the dark mode was going to get to Google Mapswith the occasion of the launch of Android 10, this mode has not been released in the app yet. So we have to resort to other methods to have that dark mode, as is using the app from Google, which does have that mode. When you activate this mode in the application (from settings) we can see how it’ll look in the map app.

Since the implementation of Google we’re going to be able to do any search terms that you want. When you search for something, we can enter in Google Maps, from the app, you will then with the dark mode of the application. In the photos you can see how it would turn out this dark mode, which is probably identical to the maps application to get it at some point. At least we get a sense, in the absence of its official launch.

Still no news on when it will launch that dark mode in the maps app and navigation. A few months ago, it is expected that launch, but Google did not confirm anything. Although it is strange that one of their most important applications do not have access to that dark mode, when the vast majority of your applications already use. We hope that there will soon be more news about it.

The input would Thus be the dark mode of Google Maps for Android appears first in Android Free.