So is the new design of LG: more modern, natural and ergonomic

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LG is a company that’s been happening for years travails in the smartphone market. The absence of benefits from 2013 has not caused a dent in the giant south Korean, who is still willing to innovate with products such as the V50, V60 and G8X mobile with double screen. But this is not the only ace in the sleeve of LG.

The company is preparing a mobile premium for the mass market, which means features that are more moderate at a more affordable price in a year in which Xiaomi has risen drastically their prices and it is expected that OnePlus will do something similar. This mobile would be the successor to the LG G8, but recent rumors indicate that it could not be called the LG G9 and would no longer be a high-end.

The new design of LG: more modern, natural and ergonomic

So is the new design of LG: more modern, natural and ergonomic 1

LG has unveiled some of the upcoming details of its next mobile phone, which is expected to meet next on may 15. The first aspect that the company has wanted to talk about is the design, a fundamental part in the experience of the smartphone. The company abandons the line of design that has been common since the LG Ga until the G8X to try something new.

The curves are part of this new designand is that LG will focus on adding curves both in the rear area as in the front. The curvature, though, does not seem as exaggerated as we have seen in other manufacturers, but that in the sketches (you will have to wait to see the final design), note a lot more subtle. The goal of LG is to make the mobile phone feel more natural in the hand and the viewing experience.

So is the new design of LG: more modern, natural and ergonomic 2

Another fundamental aspect is the of cameras. LG boasts I do not follow the trend of the market to incorporate a module square for the cameras. Instead, they have decided to opt for a design “drops of rain” with a large sensor, two sensors of smaller size and an led flash.

“Our next smartphone will take the line of historical wealth in classical designs of LG that have always been distinctive from the first touch. This mobile will be a first look at the competitive level that we bring to each new LG hereinafter referred to as” has declared Cha Yong-duk, vice president of the design lab of the mobile division of LG.

LG has a great responsibility with this design change. The company has demonstrated on several occasions, to know, to reinvent itself, but has not always finished going well. For our part, we are excited to know that LG is still willing to give it my all and we are looking forward to meeting this new mobile phone.

The entrance as Well is the new design of LG: more modern, natural and ergonomic, it appears first on The Android Free.