So is MIUI 12.1: these are the last improvements from Xiaomi

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Table of Contents

So is MIUI 12.1: these are the last improvements from Xiaomi 1

In may presented the global version of MIUI 12 so official, that would leave us with a number of new features. In these two months the update has been coming to phones, Xiaomi, Redmi, and SHORTLY in all over the world, also in Spain have been updated. Xiaomi is still working on their layer, already very soon will come MIUI 12.1.

MIUI 12.1 will be the next version of this layer of personalization, where we are going to meet with a number of new functions, that have been able to discover already. Although I have not been given dates for the launch of this new version, Xiaomi is already preparing everything for your arrival.

MIUI 12.1: secure Keyboard, new camera options, app the time…

So is MIUI 12.1: these are the last improvements from Xiaomi 2

secure keyboard and new vault applications

One of the main new features in MIUI 12.1 it will be the secure keyboard, which consists of the numeric keypad you can change the order of the keys in a random manner, so that it is more difficult for someone to guess your PIN or password, when you log on to a website or to unlock the phone. Related to that unlocking of the same, will introduce new animations to the unlock by fingerprint on phone with finger sensor under the screen.

Xiaomi it will change again the design of the vault App Vault). Until now, the design is not liked, and the brand now gives us a new look, similar to the widgets on iOS. It will allow users to configure the order of these functions on the screen, for a better use. In addition, the control center will be updated with enhancements to the date and time.

So is MIUI 12.1: these are the last improvements from Xiaomi 3

Customization promises to be one of the greatest innovations in MIUI 12.1. On the one hand, users will be able to set the items Always On Displaychoosing what you want to come out on the screen (notifications, battery, steps). In addition, it also introduces more customization options in Super Wallpapers (the spectacular bottom of the interface) and new locations.

The app’s time will be renewed in MIUI 12.1, making it easier to check the time in other cities apart from yours. The application will also feature a new animation, that makes this possible. The animations are another area where we can wait for news, since there will be new animations load in the layer. It is also expected a new menu of accessibility, with sections best divided, as seen in the image below.

So is MIUI 12.1: these are the last improvements from Xiaomi 4

For now we don’t know when will MIUI 12.1 official, or if it will be the name that this update get. These functions have been able to see it in their betas, they are not yet in stable version, so it seems that we will have to wait a while until they are released in Spain.

The input Well is MIUI 12.1: these are the latest improvements of Xiaomi appears first in Android Free.