So does the forwarding of messages in Telegram, where to report them is not more difficult than WhatsApp, but easier

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Telegram it is not a new application in any way. Born in 2013, and since then accumulated over 200 million users (the latest official figure is from 2018). The application you do not need polemics of WhatsApp or falls to be used: it is a good and safe by itself. I, for example, I am a heavy user of the platform for what it offers in terms of sessions, multi-device and cloud files.

In the last few hours, its use in Spain is growing enormously. Reflects the to be third in the TOP of the free apps from the App Store, which reflects its facilities in the last 24 hours, and the growth of searches on Google Trends. What is the cause? The misinformation that is taking place around WhatsApp. From journalists to political parties as Vox are accusing WhatsApp of to be a platform where censorship, something that it is not technically possible.

WhatsApp has reduced globally, the forwarding of messages viral to a person, so that the rumours that roam free by the messaging service will be reduced. At least, its spread will be much more expensive. In Telegram that changes is that, to indicate the platform that a message is forwarded, by default, shows what the user originally typed that message, and when you click on it, you may be contacted.

Forwarded messages of Telegram versus forwarded on WhatsApp: greater ease of identification

For the moment, in Telegram has not been limited to the forwarding bulk messages to groups and individualsas if leading by WhatsApp for a long time. But of course, with Telegram, not being a service as a mass, have not given the problems of lynching that have led to the death of people in countries like India. These facts led to WhatsApp making ads against hoaxes.

However, in the case of hoaxes arrived massively Telegram, their traceability would be greater, because the default is to indicate which user wrote the message that we are forwarding. Yes, Telegram does not indicate the number of forwards of a message. WhatsApp either, but if it has been forwarded many times, it does indicate with two arrows next to ‘Forwarded’.


The behavior of the show who sends can be changed in the Telegram, as we see in the image above. We will have to go to Settings > Privacy and security > Forwarded messages. In the section “Who can add a link to my account to forward my messages?”, select who can forward message with name with link. In all cases, although on our name we are not be able to reach, this will.

In Telegram it is easier to “report” a message

Xataka Telegram

The use of Telegram is being defended, as an alternative to WhatsApp, where you can not censor the content. Assuming that this does not occur in any of the two companies, yes you need to mention that in the channels of Telegram, and in their large groups and offers the possibility to directly report a message, as we see in the image above.

It is not a measure meant to denounce hoaxes or misinformationbut can work with it if they are annoying or may pose a health risk. In WhatsApp, which has been accused of censoring, there is also a similar function, but everything is much more manual than in the case of Telegram, as you can not indicate the particular message you report.

We may report the groups or people when we talk for the first time, but if you want to report specific information that we have within, we will not be able, directly. We will have to report the contact, but it’s only worth it for that WhatsApp can check the last messages received by you: “When you report a contact or group, WhatsApp, receives the most recent message you received from that user, as well as information about your recent interactions”, mentioned in his FAQ. By hand, with traps, we may contact you to WhatsApp for you to take action on the matter.

To all this we must add that, while both services have encryption from end to end, in Telegram it is active only in the chats secrets. In conversations and groups-current, the encryption exists, but the company has the keys. WhatsApp and Facebook do not have any way to decrypt our messages. Telegram, even if you are not, it does.

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So does the forwarding of messages in Telegram, where to report them is not more difficult than WhatsApp, but easier

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So does the forwarding of messages in Telegram, where to report them is not more difficult than WhatsApp, but easier 1