So are the hidden features of MIUI 12: antiparpadeo screen, control of refresh rate and more

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The next version of the layer custom Xiaomi is in full development: once completed the evolution of MIUI 11, MIUI 12 is in the process of betas. And it is precisely in the beta where they have found numerous hidden features: from the control of the refresh rate of the screen to a new mode to avoid distractions.

The news around the new mobile phone is something normal in the Xiaomi, since the brand has releases in an ongoing way. But the software also is maintained in a state of permanent evolution, that MIUI is one of those layers that he’s always adding new features. And, given that MIUI 12 is already available in the early betas chinese, we know some of the features that will debut with the new version of the layer. Of time is not noticeable, but yes they are aimed at improving the customization and the visibility of the screen.

MIUI 12 improves control of the screen

Miui 12

The screens on mobile phones have not only grown in inches, has also increased its refresh rate. With the progressive specialization in the execution of the games, the panels have gone up in frequency beyond 60 Hz common, as it occurs in the new Xiaomi Mi 10. Precisely, the company anda developing the next version of MIUI, a development that anticipates an increased control of the screen. This is made clear by some of the hidden features found in MIUI 12.

The first official chinese MIUI 12 already in evidence. The appearance of the layer does not vary in excess of a general level, but accumulates some changes to give more options to the user. So what was found What’s New in your channel of YouTube: a video demonstrated some of the functions that Xiaomi has hidden in his coat MIUI 12 and that are in development.

  • New mode antiparpadeo to the screen. MIUI 12 will offer the user the option to activate the ‘anti-flicker mode’ or mode antiparpadeo, a function that improves screen visibility in very low light. In addition, this mode offers some control of the refresh rate of the screen: MIUI 12 could offers the frequency control on mobile phones with a rate above 60 Hz.
  • Screen time. The wellness digital MIUI 12 will give the screen time to each application, and sections schedules, daily and weekly.
  • New ‘Focus mode’. MIUI 12 will prevent distractions with a new mode of concentration. The layer will offer lapses of time between 20 minutes and three hours.

These are the new hidden functions were found, but they are not the only ones that MIUI 12 will introduce with respect to MIUI 11. Some of the already filtered are:

  • New navigation bar, and gestures. MIUI 12 will implement the gestures for navigation Android 10, including switching between applications, moving the new bottom bar to the sides.
  • Multitasking improved. In addition to the navigation and gestures improved, MIUI 12 will make it easier to switch between the last open apps.
  • Dark mode for all applications. The next version of the layer will allow the forced of the dark mode in all apps.
  • Filtering of notifications. Xiaomi thought to enhance privacy by giving even more options for their management. And will include filtering notifications smart to group them together and improve their organization.
Multitasking in MIUI 12

We ignore when it will come to a stable MIUI 12 to all the phones of Xiaomi, but the most logical thing is that to be distributed in accordance with Android 11 either stable, back in the summer of 2020; but this will not imply that MIUI 12 reaches all the Xiaomi with the update to Android 11. The beta is available in China for some brand phones.

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So are the hidden features of MIUI 12: antiparpadeo screen, control of refresh rate and more

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So are the hidden features of MIUI 12: antiparpadeo screen, control of refresh rate and more 1

So are the hidden features of MIUI 12: antiparpadeo screen, control of refresh rate and more 2