Snake games for Android in the style of old Nokia

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Table of Contents

Snake origins

A line made of squares or pixels moves across the screen. If you don’t have good reflexes, that line will crash against the edges from the screen and you will lose the game. And to get points, you must collect the pictures that you find in your path, which in turn makes that line longer. This is how we could define what we know as Snake, a game in which it is not clear if it stars a snake or a worm.

Snake was born as Blockade in October 1976, a maze-like arcade game that consisted of maneuvering a line that wouldn’t stop moving. In the original game, you were dealing with other rivals. The goal was for your enemies to collide with you or themselves while you were still standing. You could only move 90 degrees in each movement and for this you had the classic directional buttons.

In the Snake variant, the enemy is ourselves, since we can collide with us if we are not careful. Versions of Blockade and Snake there were many. Atari created two versions for Atari 2600, Dominos and Surround. For its part, a version called Worm it was programmed for computers Commodore and Apple II.

The history of this mythical hobby with Nokia

What we know as Snake and which was part of different Nokia models during the 90s and 00s, was programmed in 1997 by Taneli armanto, Design Engineer. It was a monochrome game and it first appeared in the Nokia 6110 and Nokia 3210. It was operated with keys 2, 4, 6 and 8, which served as directional buttons.

In 2009, Nokia gave the figure of 350 million phones and devices sold with the Snake game installed. And the game was so well received that it had updates. In 1998, a year after Snake, it included Snake II in the Nokia 7110 and also in the Nokia 3310. Then came Snake EX and EX2, for multi-color screen phones.

Snake 2000

Snake 2000 is a game that has the main objective of stay true to the original edition of the Snake II that appeared in Nokia terminals back in the year 2000. Both the design of the game and the way of playing are very similar to the original game.

The developer claims to have replicated the original Snake II pixel by pixel to offer an experience as faithful as possible to the original, and the truth is that the result is worthy of admiration. Perhaps one of the things that we miss is the possibility of playing with the device in vertical format.

Snake 2000: Classic Mobile Game
Snake 2000: Classic Mobile Game

Snake ’97

is a game that goes even further, allowing us play the historical Snake using the keys of some of the most iconic Nokia terminals. To do this, it makes use of templates with the front button panel of the Finnish firm’s phones, through which we will have to guide the snake to eat as many fruits as possible without colliding with our own body.

One of the aspects to highlight of Snake ’97, is that the developer has taken care to measure the response time of the original game, as well as including the sounds of the Snake released in 1997, so that the playing experience is as faithful as possible to the first edition of the game.


Snake Rewind

The Java game that started it all, we are talking about a pioneering icon for the world of mobile video games such as Space Invaders or Pong for tabletop games. But if you find the original Snake -clear source of inspiration for too retro and prehistoric, its creator Taneli Armanto premiered Snake Rewind a few years ago, a remake adapted visually and in terms of the current game in which the the gameplay remains intact, although expanded in some modes to give a greater offer than the original.

Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind

The app that became a social phenomenon in 2016 is a reformulation of the original Snake’s schemes, only adapted to the competitive online multiplayer environment and the current YouTuber public. Its mechanics itself requires eating to increase the size of our snake, but the fun comes from the fact that if we collide with another snake we will disintegrate, and our challenges will feed the other users. Of course a vice to run multi with a friend or online.

Snake legends

The classic snake game One of the first Nokia mobiles has once again served as inspiration for a new game for mobile devices and it seems that its developers have hit the key, in view of the success of downloads it is achieving: with Snake legends We will have to once again demonstrate our agility by guiding a snake through the mazes, although now, how could it be less, with the possibility of unlocking new characters and with the help of power-ups.

snake legends

Snake Rivals

Is a online multiplayer game featuring a reinterpretation of an old-school classic, available today. In Snake Rivals, players fight with other users to become the biggest and strongest snake in the arena. To do this, they must use their tactical skills and tenacity.

This 3D title of pick-up and play style It has been designed for all ages and has different game modes, power-ups and tactics so that the entertainment never ends.

Snake Rivals - slither game with snakes io
Snake Rivals - slither game with snakes io

Silly sausage

It is another of those little relics that cannot be missing from your smartphone. It is a kind of modern Snake where we must guide a highly elastic dachshund to eat different jewels.

When we have acquired all of them, we must go to the point on the map where the checkpoint is located, in the endless runner style. The best thing is that the invitation to pay through in-game purchases is practically non-existent, and that is that when we arrive at each checkpoint we will be able to save the game so that the dog can start from that point through windows or by watching ads.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land
Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Snake Game

It is one of the most enjoyable games on the entire list. The reason is that it goes through all the stages of this historical game, including its changes in appearance. That is why it goes through four game modes, being classic, retro, steroids and master. With these names, it only remains to discover what each of them is about.

For the rest, we do not have many options that we can choose from, but the way to play in this title is curious. It frames the game on a console that emulates the old Nokia (in a somewhat devirtualized version), which gives it a very well implemented retro touch.

Snake Game
Snake Game

Hungry snake

It is one of the games most similar to the mythical Snake, taking into account the adaptations to current times. We found a colorful and visually striking title, with a green map and a snake that can be changed in various colors to personalize it. The maps vary by way of levels with different obstacles and shapes.

hungry snake

Hungry snake
Hungry snake

Don’t have a connection? Play Snake from Google Play

The Serpent has been included as default game, silently, in the last hours to all users from Android. To be able to see it, it is only necessary to update the application pre-installed on Android, Google Play Games, to the latest version available.

Snake It is not an exact clone of the Nokia game, obviously. This time we have a colorful surface, a funny snake with eyes chasing apples – a vegetarian snake, friendlier- and sound effects consisting of tones that are played by every apple eaten. The movements are recreated sliding fingers on the screen and it goes without saying what to do sharp turns 180 degree is all a challenge.

snake google play