Smart reply: quick replies on WhatsApp to save time

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Currently, the feature is only available on Android devices. Depending on the type of message received, 3 possible responses will appear in the conversation to choose from

Did we really need it? The answer is “why not?” On WhatsApp the smart answer, prepackaged quick replies that appear in a conversation when we receive a message: one click is enough to send them to our interlocutor.

The usefulness of smart responses on WhatsApp

The advantages are quite clear: think about the convenience of not having to pick up your smartphone and write a message to reply to a friend, acquaintance or someone for him; it will be enough to select one of the on the screen 3 quick responses automatically proposed by the system, as long as there is one that satisfies us. Once you have read the message, simply click on the reply to send it. Fast and easy.

The novelty, after being tested in the United States, has also reached Italy, but at the moment it is only available for Android smartphone updated to version 10 or 11. For iPhone we will still have to wait some time. To use the function, it is not necessary to update the messaging application, it is directly Google and Apple who make it available with the update of the operating system.

Given the nature of the feature, it’s pretty clear that smart replies are triggered in WhatsApp chats only in the presence of certain questions. The tool, in fact, is based on the machine learning system developed by Google. So if a friend writes “Hello, how are you?”, Three options will appear: “Good”, “Good, thanks” and “Hello, good thanks”. For more “personal” questions, for which Google cannot formulate an answer hypothesis, it is clear that there will be no answer options. In short, the smart answers:

  • They provide 3 quick responses To choose from
  • They are available (for now) only on smartphones with Android 10 or eleven
  • They depend on the update of the OS and not the application

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