Sky, problems today June 13: “Many channels are not seen”

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Sky problems: several channels are not seen, many users report on social networks. What’s happening

Sky not working? You are also experiencing problems with Sky channels today June 13? In the last hours, several channels of the satellite pay-per-view platform have been skipped: there are many reports of users struggling with channel problems from the Sport package, Fox, +1, History Channel. The error that appears on the TV screen speaks of a problem with the channel tuner. It could be a centralized fault, which therefore has nothing to do with the customer’s individual equipment. “I can’t log into Skygo and not even the Sky site is accessible ”, reports a user on Twitter.

Sky technicians are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Sky problem today: some channels are not visible

THE problems with Sky channels they remain from all over Italy – it seems that the area you tune in from has little to do with it, as the disturbance does not appear to be strictly connected to individual systems. THE Sky Trouble June 13 have also reportedly impacted i Sky Go and Sky Go Plus services, used to follow Murdoch’s pay-per-view channels on the go, when you’re not at home.

sky channel problems-2

Here are some reports from Sky users on “I have all the Fox down channels and several 400, on the other hand Sky tg24 and the 200 (sports) channels work”. “I was watching Sky go further and at one point everything exploded telling me that I did not have the necessary permits. And I can’t access the faidate area ”, Silvia writes. Another user writes that “I don’t see many channels either, some foxes, some sports (including 202 and 203 where the world cup is broadcast), movie channels (including premium ones that have never been seen well), history channel and others to from 408 “. “From around 12:45 in Rome we only see TG24. On the phone Sky says that it is his problem ”, writes Filippo.

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This morning a fire developed in the Sky studios headquarters in Rome, in via Salaria. The building has been cleared. We must find out the causes, apart from the arrest, no one was injured or intoxicated.