Signal lets you transfer your chats to a new mobile: this is how it is done

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Signal is one of the applications of the year in Spain, thanks to the fact that it is a messaging application that stands out for its privacy. These past weeks the application has introduced new functions with which to continue presenting itself as an app of interest to Android users, some of these functions inspired by WhatsApp.

The new Signal beta (version 50.0) introduces an interesting function that will allow you to transfer your chats in the application to another phone. Thus, if you change your mobile you can have these chats on your new phone as well and not lose anything in the process. The way to use this tool is simple.

Transfer your Signal chats to a new mobile

Signal transfer chats

This feature called Transfer account It will allow you to transfer those chats to your new phone, it is done through WiFi Direct and therefore you will have to have both phones nearby to carry out this process. Thanks to this function, the process becomes automatic, instead of having to make a manual backup and restore it later on your new mobile when you access your account in the app. The steps to follow are:

  1. Open Signal on your old mobile.
  2. Click on the icon with the three vertical dots.
  3. Go into Settings.
  4. Go to Chats.
  5. Click on Transfer Account to start the process.
  6. Click the Forward button.
  7. On your new mobile, install Signal and open the app (without creating or logging into an account yet).
  8. Click on the button that says Transfer Account.
  9. Click on Transfer from Android device that appears on the screen.
  10. In the window that appears, click OK.
  11. Check the code.
  12. Enter your phone number on the new mobile to confirm the account.
  13. Your chats will be displayed on the screen in the app.

These steps will allow you to transfer your chats from your old mobile to your new phone, so that you can continue using the messaging application as before. In the chats, the files that you have sent or received are also kept in them, in the same way that it was until you changed mobile.

The function is introduced in the 50th beta of Signal for Android. If you want to enjoy it, you can join the beta program from this link. It is expected that soon it will be released in the stable version of the application in the Google Play Store.

The Signal entry lets you transfer your chats to a new mobile: this is how it is done, it appears first in The Free Android.