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Google Photos is crowning itself as the default gallery in Android users, above the native apps of the terminals. This does not happen by pure chance, it happens because the platform’s cloud service and the functional advantages it offers make it one of the best options. In addition, there is in Google Photos an update that improves a certain aspect of the app.

One of the complaints that has always been blamed on it is that the renewal of its interface has been burdened or delayed. A redesign was necessary in some parts of the application’s menus, which luckily has arrived in a specific area, such as the share menu images and videos.

Google Photos
Google Photos

New design in the sharing menu

The truth is that there is a slight update to the Google Photos sharing menu that eliminates the need to scroll horizontally before sharing in the application we wanted. We remember that, when sharing content, a thin bar appeared at the bottom where were all the apps to which said content could be shared.

google photos update menu share

This does not happen in most apps, where a contextual menu usually appears that occupies a large part of the screen to see all the apps clearly. That is where the lack of renovation in the interface we talked about earlier. The launch of this novelty is being implemented progressively in recent days, a trend that will continue in the coming days.

What the new sharing menu looks like

Now, with this facelift on the menu, there is another design that is more common than what we find in other applications or platforms. Unlike in the old days when the menu did not open even in a third of the screen, now it includes an option “Plus” together with the button «Create link» and the latest applications we have used. It is not the most optimal solution, but at least it is an arrangement for the deficit we had before.

google photos update share photos

By touching this “More” button, the sharing menu will open in any app that we have installed, which is completed with a vertical displacement to fill the entire screen. Users on Reddit comment that it is being implemented silently during the last days, so it will be convenient to take a look at the share button to see if we already have it integrated.