Sharing apps from Google Play is now possible with Nearby Share

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Google Play Store Nearby Share

Nearby Share is the AirDrop of Android phones, available for a year in Spain and that we can activate easily. Google has long been known to work on allowing users to share applications using this system, an option that is beginning to reach users, available in the Play Store.

The new version of the Google Play Store (version 24 or higher) introduces the ability to share applications using Nearby Share with phones that are close to you. This way you will be able to send an application that you have installed on your phone to another person near you.

Share apps from the Google Play Store

Google Play Store share apps Nearby Share

It is in the section of My applications and games in the Google Play Store where this function is introduced. In the upper tabs we have Updates, installed … and a new Share option is now introduced (Share in English, as seen in the photo). This section gives the possibility of sending or receiving applications thanks to Nearby Share.

The user is allowed to choose if he wants to send an application or if he wants to receive it, on the contrary. Once that option is chosen, a list with the applications and games on the phone is displayed, so you can choose the app or applications you want to share. When they have been selected, click on the send icon at the top and it will then search for the device that is nearby, which will receive these applications.

Nearby Share share apps

To confirm that this is the correct person, a code is displayed on the screen, which will be the same on both devices, to avoid sending it to the wrong person. If it is correct, click on confirm and this app will be transferred. On the receiving device, the user can click on Install to install this app from the Google Play Store on their phone. This ends this process.

Nearby Share receive apps

This new method of sharing apps from the Google Play Store using Nearby Share is starting to launch between Android users. You must have the most recent version of the application store installed, although it is not yet available to all users with that version, but it should not take long to reach everyone.

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