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shared playlist spotify

Nowadays, music streaming apps like Spotify provide us with many more entertainment options than before, adapting to our tastes, interests and preferences. One of those that we are interested in commenting on at this time are the collaborative playlists on Spotify, which are selections of music that can be created together with other people to enjoy musical leisure time together.

It is interesting for a large number of activities carried out in a group, with friends, with family or as a couple, as well as an opportunity to get to know the musical tastes of other people and see if they are assimilated to ours. Therefore, if you have decided to make your first collaborative playlist, we will tell you how to do it.

What to keep in mind

One of the things that you should keep in mind when sharing a playlist is that the other person can edit it however they want, so don’t do it in case you want to make sure you have all the songs, that the order is as desired or that you are interested in the fact that you are the only person who manages it. In this case, you have the possibility to give just to share with your friends so they can access it, but not edit it.

In this way, you can create a new list, use some of the other occasions or simply take advantage of one that you have (and do not mind if it is edited by other people). Yes, extreme precautions with whom you share this information, it is recommended that they are trusted people who you know well. Can you imagine that you have been making it for months and suddenly someone comes along and deletes all the songs?

If you have already decided that you really want to make a collaborative playlist, we will briefly comment on what it consists of, with whom you can share it, how and why it is interesting to do it. Find out!

What is it

The shared playlist is a playlist that you can create so that you and your friends can add and delete the songs you want. In this way, not only you manage it, but also your friends, family or the people you have decided to participate in it.

The data is updated in real time, so that if a person adds a song, you can see it instantly. In addition, next to the song you will see the profile photo of the person who adds it. In the shared playlist, everyone can edit it to your liking and listen to the songs included, so it is a possibility to take the sharing of our music further.

Who can do it

Any user who has a Spotify account You can make a selection of shared playback, be it the free or premium account. All you have to do is create the playlist and make it shared

Other people with a direct link to the playlist will be able to:

  • Add songs
  • Remove songs
  • Change order

If you have created your own playlist, it is you who can make it collaborative. In fact, you can stop sharing it again at any time.

Who can we share it with

You can share it with whoever you want, in fact, you have a lot of possibilities for it. You can copy its link, send it by WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, SMS, email and many other sharing options, so this means that you can share it with practically anyone, although we recommend that it be with someone you trust with your account Spotify free or premium.

to share

Create a list and share

The first thing you have to do to make a shared playlist is to have the playlist. Therefore, if you do not have it, the first step is create it, configure it and later share it with the possibility that other people collaborate in it.

It is much easier than you imagine and it will also be rewarding and exciting. It is the perfect solution for trips, parties at home, a picnic, family celebrations or any occasion that comes your way, even to make a good plan as a couple. These will be adapted to the tastes of all the people who compose them, so you can have more fun than ever with music thanks to Spotify.

Create the playlist

The first thing you have to do to have collaborative playlists is to have a playlist. If you don’t want to use one of the ones you already have, you can create your own to share with your friends or whoever you want. Once you have created it, suggestions of songs that you can add will appear, although the best thing is that you already have some ideas that you would like to include initially.

To create it, you have to go to Your library. Above all, you will meet a symbol + next to a magnifying glass.

spotify library

If you click it, the option to name your new song selection will automatically appear. Once you enter its name, it is already created.


You will see that you can Add Songs, so choose the ones that it suggests as recommended songs or, better, in adding songs, look for the ones that interest you by putting the name of the song or singer of your choice. Do it as many times as you need until you add all the songs you want.

add songs

In addition to adding songs, it is a good idea to go to the options, add an image and include a description to make it even more personal and that your friends know what can be found in it.

edit data

Share and make it collaborative

With the playlist already created, you can share it anytime. You just have to go to your library and choose the playlist you want to share. Below the name of the group and your username, you will find two icons. One of a person with a + sign and another with 3 points.

spotify options

You must go to the option of the 3 points and a new screen will appear in which to click “Make collaborative”.

Share your Spotify playlist with your friends 1

Another possibility you have is to go to the first option, which is the to share with friends, since the first thing it will ask you if you want it to be collaborative, so you can make it collaborative and then add people at the moment.

Therefore, the steps are as follows:

  • Go to your Library
  • Give Options
  • Make Collaborative
  • Below you will see the option to Share, give

Choose friends and share


  • Go to your Library
  • Give to Add friends
  • Accept to make it collaborative

accept collaborative spotify

  • Share with friends

Either of the two options is equally valid, so choose the one that seems simpler or comfortable for you.

Stop making it collaborative

The same as you can do the collaborative list, you can rule out this possibility at any time. You just have to go to Your Library, Playlist, Options, Stop collaborative. Once you have done this, you will see that the possibility of making it shared appears again, no one else will be able to edit it from that moment unless you give it permissions again later.

non-collaborative spotify

In the computer

To do this on your computer, the first thing you have to do is access your account from Spotify and some of your lists. You just have to give the 3 points below the play button and you will find the option to make it shared. With this, you can send a direct link to friends and family, or whoever you decide. If you give right click on the list, you will see the option to make it collaborative. These are basically the same steps, just on a different platform.

collaborative list on desktop

Mix Duo

You can create your own Duo Mix playlist to combine the musical tastes of both members of the Duo Plan, for which you must initially have a Premium Duo account designed for two Premium accounts. Although its price is 12.99 euros per month, you have a free month to try it if you are interested.

This is updated as you use Spotify and includes content based on the songs, artists and genres that you have listened to on your own. Only members of the Premium Duo Plan can see it, and doing so is as simple as join Duo Mix. If you go out, your songs will be removed from it.

You will find it in Home, in Created for you, the Duo Mix option. If you have been on Spotify for a short time, remember that in order to make song suggestions you have to have been playing music for at least 2 weeks so that it “knows you”.

Family mix

If you want to go further, the modality Family Premium Spotify includes up to 6 Premium accounts for 15.99 euros per month, although it has a free first month trial. This plan includes explicit music blocking and Family Mix.

The family mix playlist it combines the music that all members of the family plan listen to and updates as each person listens to music on their own. Only viewable by family plan members. You just have to join Mix Familiar for your music to go to the playlist, and if you leave, your songs will be deleted.

You will find it in Home, in Created for you, the Family Mix option. If you have just created your Spotify account recently, you should know that in order to make song suggestions you have to have been playing music for at least 2 weeks so that it “knows you”.

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