Share your music and Spotify profile with QR codes

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spotify codes with qr

If you want to share your profile or your favorite Spotify music in a simpler, more visual and comfortable way, you can do it using the Spotify Codes with QR codes. If you are still not sure what they are, how you can use them or what their advantages are, we will tell you so that you can turn the task of sharing music with your friends or whoever you want into something more fun.

What are they

Spotify Codes are an internal system of the music streaming service that has become a own alternative to QR codes that are being used more and more and with which you can share songs or your profile with other people. With them you can make what you want known in a simpler way by scanning them with the app itself so that whoever wants it can access the shared content.

Its code is made up of an image and the code itself, which looks like a row of bars of different sizes, like a barcode, but with bars of different sizes simulating the sound waves instead of the thicknesses. Anyone who wants to can scan it with their camera as if it were a QR code and thus access the information you have shared, just as you can access the profile, songs, podcasts, lists and information of other people in a simple way with your Spotify app . To share it, you just have to show this code to the other person and they can easily scan it, as simple as that.

spotify codes barcode

What are they for

Spotify’s internal QR codes are designed for sharing two types of content. On the one hand, you profile, which would act as a business card without you having to tell someone else your profile name (especially practical if this is a difficult one to pronounce) and on the other hand you will show them your favorite music.

That is, in the latter case you will show songs, albums, artists, playlists, podcasts and whatever you want in a simple way, without having to tell another person, something that sometimes becomes complicated, and without having to look for it. , that sometimes the task is not as simple as it seems at first glance. This way everything is much easier and faster, being the ideal option if you are with another person and want to teach them something that you want them to keep.


Sharing your content on Spotify Codes has many more advantages than you might imagine, so we are going to comment on some of the main ones:

  • Is very comfortable and simple. You just have to give the corresponding option and make a capture or share with the other person. It will take very little time, and you can do it at the same time that you are talking to other people. You only need the mobile.
  • Without errors. This way you will avoid misunderstandings, pronunciation or writing errors, among others, in addition to the other person forgetting what you have said.
  • To access it is very easy for them. It is done in a very short time and the information will be there, much better than having to search for it in the app itself.
  • You can share everything you want of the app, including your profile. You just have to access it and get its QR code.
  • It is an attractive form of presentation and visual, with a barcode or QR code. In addition, this is a format that we have become familiar with in recent times, so it is well known to us.


To share the Spotify code of your profile, songs, artists, albums, playlist and whatever you need from Spotify, the procedure is the same regardless of the type of content in question. You just have to enter the element that you want the other person to have and access the option, although this varies slightly in the desktop and mobile versions. Therefore, we are going to tell you how you can do it on each of your devices.

Mobile and tablet

Go to the desired content on your Android or iOS device the option to share and select. You can also send the code on social networks or messaging apps, select to copy the link and with a Spotify code. This is the option that interests you.

To do this, you have to look for the icon 3 vertical points to the right of the selected content and the menu will open. Tas he will see the QR code that someone else can scan. You will be able to share it with other services, such as WhatsApp or even if you take a screenshot it will be the same.

share on mobile

Desktop app

On your computer, all you have to do is right-click on the desired item and select share. In this case, you can copy the link or embed code. To get the URI code, press ALT in Windows or Option on Mac.

You won’t see the barcode, but you can easily share the content with other people. If you want to see this code to present it in a more visual way, you can do it from your mobile or with an external app (Spotify Codes) with which you only have to indicate the URI code obtained and one will appear that you can customize to your liking.

share spotify codes qr desktop

Scan them

If someone has shared a code with you for any of the existing options, the mentioned app or by taking a screenshot, you can scan it with your phone’s camera.

To do it with the barcode you will have to be with the other person to show it to you, or it will be enough for you to take a screenshot that I make and send you if you are not in the same place. You can do it with your mobile phone or tablet giving access to the camera of your device.

To do this, you will have to go to Look for, click on the search bar at the top, select the camera icon and scan.

scan camera

The first time you will see a message that tells you that everything you see on Spotify can be shared. You will have to point camera at code shared, it will be activated automatically when you have done it and you will have already accessed the profile, music, playlist or whatever you want.


This is the same process other people must follow if you want to share something from Spotify with them easily. It is much more comfortable than you imagine, and once you do it, you will realize how easy it is to both share and access the content that other people want you to have in your Spotify app.

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