Share a computer: This is how Chrome profiles work

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Share a computer: This is how Chrome profiles work 1

Google Chrome allows us to create profiles for save and synchronize everything related to our activity in the browser of the Internet giant. Thanks to them we will synchronize with the browser our browsing history, bookmarks, extensions … In short, it integrates our configuration and customization to use them on any device.

The option of creating a personalized profile allows us to use Google Chrome with the same options that we have been adding and configuring regardless of the computer we are using, very useful when we share a computer with family, roommates or work colleagues … We can access with our Google account or create an independent profile, and synchronize it with the browser so that all the customization options are displayed every time we use whatever device.

What are they

Google Chrome users gather all of our web browser settings. Our record search and navigation, markers that we have saved and organized with all our links, our passwords stored, personal data to use with the tool Autocomplete, the extensions that we have previously installed, etc.

In the same way that we create accounts in operating systems, streaming platforms or any other type of programs or applications, in the browser we can also save our configuration in this way.

home google chrome with profile 2


The main advantage of having our own user configured is that if we use the browser on another device we will directly access our bookmarks and we will have the common functions navigation at our disposal, such as passwords or the autocomplete function. This may be the first advantage that comes to mind.

However, the browsing experience is more positive because this is how the record navigation and search and we will see better options in the suggestions of the browser when we perform searches. In addition, with the options of Autocomplete waves passwords stored we will not have to worry about being able to access any page and connect with our users quickly. If we click on the button menu from the top right and we go to Settings / Google and you / Manage what you sync We can activate and deactivate all the options: applications, bookmarks, extensions, history, configuration, theme, reading list, open tabs, passwords, addresses and payment methods.

data sync google chrome

With the Chrome profile, in addition, we can also log in automatically in the services associated with each account, such as YouTube, Gmail, Drive, Docs, etc. The profiles of the Internet giant’s browser are ideal for separating the work of different projects, or simply to be able to separate the professional from the personal.

Create and add profiles

Although they have the same function, the form of manage web browser users It varies depending on the platform or device we use.

In the computer

To add a new profile we have to click on the photo in the upper right. If we are already connected we will see the photo of that user, otherwise a silhouette will appear. Then click on + Add.

create new google chrome profile

A pop-up window will open to configure it, we can log in with a Google account to extract our photo and other data or we can create it without an associated account.

On the next screen we will add the Photo, our Name and we will choose a combination of colors from among those that are offered to us. We press the button Done. A new window will open with the browser and our logged in user.

customize google chrome profile

In this case we would be browsing without a backup account so our changes could not be synchronized. To activate the synchronization we have to click on the photo in the upper right and then on the button Activate sync … Now we will have to identify with a Google account, or create a new one. This will serve as a backup to store all the information of our navigation and to be able to apply it on other devices.

activate google chrome profile sync

On Android

On mobile versions of Chrome it is only possible to have a single user. In this case, we can add that new user to the Android device and select it by opening the browser.

For this we will have to follow these steps:

  • We will go to the section Settings of the Android smartphone or tablet.
  • We’ll go to System, then to Advanced settings and finally to Multiple users. If this route does not exist on your device, try searching for “users” in the Settings application.
  • Click on Add user and then in To accept.
  • You can set up the account if the user is with you, otherwise we will click on Not now and we will set up the account when we switch to this user next time.

add users in android

On iPhone and iPad

In the case of devices with iOS operating system, the same thing happens, we can only use one user in Chrome, only in this case, as it is an independent operating system, we will have to add and modify users directly from the mobile web browser.

To do this, we will click on the button menu “…” and we will access Setting. We will click on the first option Activate sync, there we will choose our account from the drop-down or add a new profile.

sync google chrome profile

Manage profiles

To access the profile management menu, click on the Photo that appears in the upper right corner of the browser to the left of the “…” menu button. Clicking on the icon ballpoint we will access the menu of edition. We can also access through the section Google and you from the general menu of Setting.


These are the options that we can customize in chrome profile:

  • Name: Above all, to be able to identify the different users, we can indicate the name that we want.
  • Theme Color: it is the combination of colors, including day mode and dark mode, that we want to apply.
  • Avatar: If we have logged in with our account, the photo of our account will appear as the default image, but we can also choose from the 29 avatars that are offered to us. As we click on the different avatars we will see how our photo changes in the browser window at the top right.
  • Direct access to the desktop: If you use the desktop version for Windows, you will see that on the user settings page you have a checkbox Create desktop shortcut, that way you will open the web browser with that user with a single double click.

google chrome desktop shortcut


To delete a user from the Google browser we only have to access the profile list. To do this we will click on the Photo and then on the icon gear to the right of Other Profiles.

A new window will open with all the users who are using the application, we will only have to click on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner of each one to remove them by clicking the link Remove.

delete google chrome profiles

Guest mode

As we can imagine, the guest mode allows us use the application to browse the Internet with the initial settings. It would be the same as starting browsing with a new profile, with the exception that all the use we make, all the browsing activity, will be eliminated when you close the program.

It is the way to use the application anonymously, so it is the recommended way in case of using public computers in establishments such as libraries, cafeterias or airports. Its activation is very simple, we just have to click on the photo in the upper right and click on Guest, as we see in the image above.

A new, clean window will open for surfing the net. It will be enough close or press the button Invited in the upper right and then on Close guest window.

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