Seven ways to uninstall apps on Android

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Seven ways to uninstall apps on Android

On Android there is no single way to remove an application from our mobile device. We can uninstall an application from different places and / or access its uninstallation from different shortcuts depending on the screen where we are.

Next we will review seven ways you can access uninstall apps that you no longer want to continue occupying memory on your device, reviewing the tricks that hides the Android operating system.

From the home screen or app drawer

Uninstall From Drawer Screen 1

If you are on the home screen or in the application drawer and see an application that you no longer want to have, the first way to uninstall it is press and hold the application and drag the icon to the trash. The option of Uninstall usually appears at the top of the home screen.

From your shortcut menu

Uninstall From Drawer Screen

The other way that the home screen or application drawer offers us is by performing a long press on the application icon and wait for it to show its shortcut menu. There we just have to click on the option ‘Application information to access the option ‘Uninstall’.

From the recent view

Uninstall From Recents

If we are using an application and we see that we do not like it, we can uninstall it from the open or recent apps view. For this we just have to press and hold the app icon from the recent view and then tap ‘Application information’.

Since your notification

Uninstall From Notification

Another situation is that we receive a notification from an application and we decide at that moment that it is time to uninstall it. To do this we just have to make a long press on notification and then click on the icon setting to enter the notification settings. Then we have to tap on the app icon. With these shortcuts we are already within the application information to be able to uninstall the application.

From settings

Uninstall From Settings

From the system settings it is the best way to review all the applications that we have installed. Since there are some applications as add-ons of other applications that do not appear in the application drawer. On Settings> Applications or Settings> Apps and notifications We will be able to access the information of each of the installed applications.

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From Play Store

Uninstall From Play Store

Google Play Store is the most common way to uninstall an application, especially from the ” sectionMy apps and games’, when we get an update to an application that we didn’t even remember that we had installed. From the application tab we find the option to uninstall.

Uninstalling multiple applications at the same time

Uninstall From Play Store Storage

Finally, the section ‘My apps and games’, in the tab Installed> Storage allows us free up space uninstalling multiple apps at the same time. To do this, we just have to mark the applications that we want to delete and then touch the release button.

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Seven ways to uninstall apps on Android

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Seven ways to uninstall apps on Android 1

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