Seven applications to free up space on an Android mobile that really work

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It is inevitable that the mobile space will end up filling up over time: the space is the same, but we have more and more applications, photos and videos on the mobile. The solution is the same today as it was in the early days of Android: free up space on your mobile.

What has changed is the way of doing it, because if a few years ago we entrusted the task to apps like Clean Master (which rest in peace) today we prefer to avoid applications so liars. It is difficult to distinguish grain from chaff in applications to free up space, so here we have selected 7 legit apps to free up space that work.

SD Maid


SD Maid is a veteran application that could be defined as a serious Clean Master without countless ads and buttons everywhere. That is, it specializes in look for traces of uninstalled apps in mobile storage.

SD Maid allows you to eliminate waste, unnecessary files from the system, clear the application cache, optimize databases, analyze where the storage space is going and find duplicate files. To get all the juice, yes, it is necessary buy pro version, which costs 2.8 euros.

SD Maid - System Cleaning

SD Maid – System Cleaning

Google Files


A less sober option is Google Files, a file manager that doubles as an application to free up space. Google Files has a interface similar to how applications normally are to free up space, but not including incessant advertisements or trying to get your attention by finding problems everywhere.

When it comes to cleaning, with Google Files you can easily remove memes and videos from apps like Wombo easily, as well as downloaded files or review large files that you have on your mobile, as well as applications that you don’t use much and that you might be interested in uninstalling.

Files by Google: Free up space on your phone

Files by Google: Free up space on your phone



CCleaner is one of the most famous cleaning applications in its version for PC and, although the mobile version never had such an impact, it is still a big toolbox with everything you need to free up space on your mobile.

You will find the basics, such as clearing caches and various useless files, as well as other more specific functions such as the analysis of your photos and videos in search for blurry or poor quality photos, with the option to compress photos so they take up less space.

CCleaner - Mobile Cleaner, Optimizer

CCleaner – Mobile Cleaner, Optimizer

Google play


Google Play is not a cleaner app, but the function of storage management it can make a big difference in the amount of space you have available on your mobile. After all, it is the easiest way to uninstall many apps at the same time.

Since My apps and games> Installed> Storage, you’ll see the applications you have installed and how much they occupy, sorted according to the uninstall recommendation from when you last opened it. Other cleaning apps offer you a similar function, although the advantage is that in this way you do not need to give permission to other apps to let them know which applications you use on your mobile.



WhatsApp is not a cleaning application either, although for many people it becomes over time a veritable bottomless pit of storage, collecting megabytes of photos and videosespecially if you are in a lot of groups.

Fortunately, WhatsApp recently added a tool to manage your storage in which you can quickly locate photos and videos forwarded many times (memes and funny videos in many cases), as well as oversized videos and the like.



{“videoId”: “x7zu2ab”, “autoplay”: true, “title”: “How to RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS and VIDEOS from WHATSAPP Xataka Basics”}

Panda Video Compressor


In some cases you may be interested in the middle ground: neither delete completely nor keep a file as such. In the videos, this is embodied in the idea of compress videos to take up less space. If you have a lot of videos on your mobile and you don’t really care that they lose quality, this option can be very useful.

A good application to compress videos easily is Panda Video Compressor, with which you can choose between different compression qualities and, optionally, replace the original video with another compressed one that takes up less space.

Reduce Video Size - Panda Video Compressor

Reduce Video Size – Panda Video Compressor

M4A Audio Converter


Just as you can compress your videos to save space, you can also compress your music, if you are old school and keep taking your favorite MP3s with you, instead of using a streaming music app like Spotify.

You can lower the quality of an MP3 directly from your mobile with M4A Audio Converter. Its usability can be improved, but it has everything you need to significantly reduce the size of a song and that it still sounds reasonably good. You put the limit on their settings.

M4A Audio Compressor (Free)

M4A Audio Compressor (Free)

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Seven applications to free up space on an Android mobile that really work

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Seven applications to free up space on an Android mobile that really work 1

Seven applications to free up space on an Android mobile that really work 2