Sending photos, links and notes to your PC will be easier with what’s new from Microsoft

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Your Phone is an application in Windows 10 that makes it possible to link your Android mobile, compatible with Samsung, with your computer. This application is updated with new functions, such as opening phone applications from the PC, something available from this week in Spain. Microsoft is working on introducing new features in this app, and we already have some data on them.

New features are currently being tested, which are expected to arrive soon in the app. One of them is a section where we can see what we have sent from the phone, as well as a renewed contacts section in the application, and some changes in its design.

These features are coming to Your Phone soon

Your Phone sent from phone

The first novelty that will come to Your Phone is a new section called Sent from phone (sent from the phone). In this section you will be able to see all the photos, videos, links or notes that you have shared from your phone. They are all grouped in the same section, which will allow you to control it more simply. To share something from the phone to the PC, you will have to click on share and then choose the app on the mobile, and then select what you want to send.


The app will launch a new contact section. This is something that has been in development for months, because this section was seen for the first time in February, although now it seems to be official and has been deployed for some users. In this section you can see the contacts that you have saved on your mobile. The application will allow you to see data about that contact, as well as send a message or make calls, something possible for a few months.

Your phone new section contacts

Also, Your Phone is expected to go make some changes to your design, in its desktop version. These design changes focus on the Settings and My Devices sections, featuring a cleaner, more user-friendly layout. This new design has already been launched among some users of the Insider Program in Windows 10, but it does not yet have dates for it to reach all.

Your new design phone

A series of changes that will help improve your phone even more, which is becoming a very versatile application. No dates have been given yet, but these features are already being tested, so they won’t be long in coming.

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