Send a burofax online without having to go to the Post Office

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If you have never had to send a burofax, you may not know how it is done, what it is for or in which cases it can be useful. But sending it is essential in some cases. It is a way to urgently send a document that requires proof before third parties. Complaints, claims, debts… So if you want to save yourself traveling to an office, this is how you can send a burofax online from your mobile phone or the computer, through the Internet.

What to consider and what to look for

You will probably never you have sent a burofax or that you do not consider that it is something useful in your day to day. But it is a service that has been available for decades and that is designed for urgent delivery of documents that require safe delivery and that require proof before third parties. That is, when delivering a burofax you must sign a document that confirms that you have received it but also leaves a “trace” of everything else. We have proof of content, shipping. That is, the content, the issuer, the recipient and the date of shipment are registered. And for what? For certain legal matters in the face of trials, for example. For official communications that you must test later.

It is sent through a postal address and reaches the address of the person to whom you have sent it, be it their home or an office. How is it different from the registered letter? The registered letter leaves proof that that person has received it since you must sign when picking it up but not on the content. In the case of the burofax, the content and the communication received are accredited.

What should we consider? If you have never sent a burofax you should bear in mind that it is usually much more expensive than a normal letter. The price will always be around more than five euros but it will depend on the pages that we are going to send and other services such as the acknowledgment of receipt or the delivery certification. And how long does it take? Little. The burofax is fast and delivered always on the day or the next morning, at the latest, in the case of shipments within the national territory.

Send a burofax online from the Post Office

The “conventional” burofax is sent through the Post Office. It is a postal service that has been offered in Spain for decades, but currently has options to do it online without having to move and from the website. On its website it is described as a service that allows “to make your most urgent shipments with maximum security, since the delivery is registered under signature of the recipient and serves as proof with legal validity against third parties ”.

Correos has the Burofax Premium service that stands out, according to the company’s page, for its security, but also for its agility, simplicity or for being a flexible service. The price starts at 8.59 euros, although it will depend on the additional services contracted or the pages you are going to send.

How to send

The steps to send the burofax online from Correos in Spain are the following:

  • We register in the My Office section on the Correos website
  • We prepare the burofax by uploading the PDF document
  • We add all recipients
  • We choose if we want additional services (which we will explain now)
  • We make payment by card or PayPal

It will automatically be sent following the usual process


What to keep in mind

How much does it cost? How long it takes?

  • Shipping time and claim

Once we have sent it, the delivery will be made the same day as long as they are shipments accepted before 1:00 p.m. and destined to localities with special distribution units. The rest of shipments are delivered the morning of the next business day and are excluded on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In addition, they indicate that same day delivery is not guaranteed during the months of July, August and September. Regarding the incident or claim, we must put it after one day and before six months from the attempt or the sending of the burofax. What’s more, as collected from the guarantees of Correos, The fee paid will be refunded without including the additional services that we have contracted at the time of sending it.

  • Price

Prices vary though there are fixed amountss. The Correos Premium burofax has a rate of 9.90 with VAT of 2.09, so the fixed price including the first page is 11.98 euros in 2021. But we must add additional pages that we need to add. The fixed amount for each additional page is 0.90 and the VAT is 0.19, so the price for each added page is 1.09 euros in 2021.

In the case of the online premium burofax it has a price of 6.53 euros with VAT of 1.38 and a price that starts at 7.90 according to the 2021 Post Office pricing page. In addition, the additional pages have a cost of 1.09 euros for each one.

  • Other services

Beyond the burofax that we can send, Correos allows us to add a number of additional services that can be useful or improve safety …

  • Proof of Electronic Delivery: Digital proof of the certified delivery, electronically signed with time stamp and with the detail of the recipient’s signature. It is sent by PDF.
  • Receipt notice. Written delivery confirmation, so as to record when and who received the shipment.
  • Acknowledgment of receipt. Written confirmation of the delivery of the document so that the person who receives it is recorded, but also the exact time it was collected.
  • Content certification. Confirmation and certification of the content of the message sent by burofax with legal proof against third parties.
  • You can hire a service additional delivery certification
  • Certified copy of the communication sent by burofax
  • Custody of 120 months for Correos to keep it longer in case you need to request a content certification years later for something.

Other companies

Beyond doing it through the Post Office, we can also send a burofax online through other courier companies in Spain Although it is important that you always pay attention to the small print and that you bet on reliable companies or websites. Don’t use pages that promise to send it to you without any guarantee.

Seur is one of the best known courier companies in Spain and also allows us to send burofax online from its own website. Of course, we must register and follow steps similar to those requested by emails. There are three fundamental steps that you must follow in the case of using this company.

  • Register on the web with all your data
  • Fill in the necessary data for the burofax
  • Make the payment by credit card or using your PayPal account

There are several options, according to Seur, of models that we can use.

  • Burofax claim: For a complaint or breach of contract.
  • Burofax with acknowledgment of receipt: As collected from the conditions of the web, the processing of the claim is certified in the document. In this case, the data of the recipient must be verified, such as name and surname, ID, signature or stamp. Or all delivery attempts and observations considered by the courier are recorded.
  • Burofax for debt claim. Where there is data such as date of issue, aspects of the debt, sender, recipient or a term to make the payment and how to do it.

How much does it cost? Prices in SEUR vary. Prices without VAT and up to five pages have a price of 11.90 if you choose not to have a content delivery certificate (something we do not recommend), it is 16.90 euros if you choose a delivery and content certificate. And, finally, the price is eight euros if you want to have the content certificate after shipment.

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