Selling your house: 10 tips for taking pictures with your mobile

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Table of Contents

Selling your house: 10 tips for taking pictures with your mobile 1

Surely more than once, if you have looked for houses to rent or buy, you will have noticed the photos of them. Sometimes they are good photos, but in many others they leave so much to be desired that even the desire to consider that property is taken away from us.

So today we want to give you 10 tips on how to take a good photo of your home.

Before we start, obviously, the best thing is that we tidy up the house, clean it, prevent people from leaving and, above all, flee from the mirrors as if we were vampires.

Remove the watermark

Many current mobiles have the watermark active, a text that appears in all photos indicating the name of the model. This gets in the way and distracts of the photo. If we want to put a watermark for some reason, better with gray tones and with a certain transparency, so that it can only be seen if we look at it.

Remove the date

Another element to eradicate from photos is the date. This is even more relevant, because if it has been a while since we made them, it can make the interested party understand that the house has been on the real estate portal for a long time, and that it could bargain the price since we have not sold it before.

Use the wide angle

For a few years now, most mid- and high-end mobiles have a sensor wide angle. This is perfect for taking the rooms out of the house completely. However, it is better to accompany these photos with a point made with another sensor to show the real dimensions of the rooms.

Be careful with the exposure

Selling your house: 10 tips for taking pictures with your mobile 2

Photograph by Jarek Ceborski

We can always take the photographs at the time we want but it is necessary that they do not come out too dark or too light. For this we have to control the exposition and, if necessary, use the HDR.

Find the best angle for each room

The rooms and rooms in our house are all different. That is why it is not a good idea to take the photos from the same point, for example from the door. You have to look at the best perspective for each place, in order to appreciate it in all its splendor.

There are never too many photos

They say that virtue is in the middle and it is true that the ideal is to take a few dozen photos of our house. Maybe 20, maybe 30 or maybe 40.

Anyway, better to do 70 than 7. An interested buyer is not going to back down from looking at more photos, but you can do it because there are not enough and look at other options that do have more images.

Selling your house: 10 tips for taking pictures with your mobile 3

Photograph by Element5 Digital

Highlight the elements of the house

If our house has unique elements, such as a fireplace, a patio, a designer kitchen, emphasize it, take more photos of that area. This will help us to differentiate ourselves from the other alternatives that will be on the portal.

Take the photos during the day

Selling your house: 10 tips for taking pictures with your mobile 4

Photograph by Jason Briscoe

We use the houses during the day, at night and, literally, at all times. Despite that, it is always better to use the moments of more light to take photos. Avoid rainy nights and days to make it look as bright as it is.

Don’t forget the surroundings

Beyond the interior of the house, it is a very good idea to photograph both the facade and the elements that are nearby. We are talking about parks, restaurant areas, schools … of course, let’s not use monuments that are far away for the mere fact that they are known.

The orientation of the photos varies

Finally, it is not mandatory to take the photos vertically or horizontally, depending on the space, one or the other will be better. That is the key, knowing when we are going to see a better space in one position or another. Of course, it flees a priori from very high screen proportions such as 20: 9 or 18: 9. It is always better to use a 6: 9 or 4: 3, although most applications allow you to modify this.

Cover image of Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

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