See your friends’ birthdays on facebook

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The majority of our friends have a Facebook account. This social network brings together and also makes it possible to take the news of these close relations. If you tend to forget the birthdays of your friends Then Facebook will be very useful for you to see the dates of the birthdays. In addition, you will be able to quickly send a happy birthday message to his wall. Or incur a vocal note for a special day.

When registering on Facebook, you are required to enter your date of birth with other additional information. The social network Facebook then collects the dates of birthdays and presents them the birthdays of the day of your friends. To view Facebook birthdays, here’s how:

  • Please go to the website of Facebook.
  • Then you have to click on Events which can be found in the section on the left of your screen.
facebook birthdays
  • Then click on Birthdays. In the central section, you have the list of your friends’ birthdays.
how to see your friends' birthdays on Facebook
  • First you have the list Today’s birthdays. In this part, you only have your friends who have their birthday on the same day. Facebook gives you the option to write directly to their journal.
  • Second, you have the list Recent birthdays. It contains your friends who recently had their birthday. Usually you have it for the last 2 days. If you missed those birthdays, there is still time to drop them a note.
  • Third, you have the list Upcoming birthdays. Facebook lists your friends who will have their birthday party in the coming days. The more you scroll, the more distant dates you have.

You also have the possibility to see the birthdays of the day of your contacts directly on your profile. When you access your profile, on the left, above contact. You have the section Birthdays. Click on it’s… birthday to display the list.

Find any friend’s birthday on Facebook

If you are looking for the birthday of a specific friend. Facebook allows you to access this information very quickly. To do this, you must access the latter’s profile. Then go to About, then General information and contact details. You will find your friend’s birthday in the section General Info. In addition, you will have access to certain information such as religion, kind and interested in. Facebook allows its users to hide their year of birth.

how to see facebook birthdays on mobile?

Previous versions of the Facebook mobile app allowed you to view your friends’ birthdays directly. But the current version of the Facebook app does not allow this to be done. However, you can find the birthday from a specific friend’s app by going to their profile. When you are on your friend’s profile, scroll down and click See information About + [ nom utilisateur ]. In the section General Info, the anniversary date is clearly mentioned.

You can also use the web browser from your phone. In this case, you must follow the procedure for use for a computer. You just need to go to Facebook and login. Then follow the guide mentioned above.

Facebook birthday notifications

The social network issues daily notifications about birthdays. You just have to look in your notifications to see it. Unfortunately, there may be times when this feature is not enabled.

How to activate the reminder for Facebook birthdays

If you do not receive a reminder for your friends’ birthday. They are probably deactivated. This feature is very useful to always be informed in time for birthdays. In addition, it is available on Facebook web and on the mobile application.

Activate Facebook birthday reminder on computer

  • Go to the website of Facebook. Then enter your username and password.
  • Then, please click on the arrow which is on the top right. Then click on settings and confidentiality, then settings.
  • In the left column, click on notifications.
facebook birthday reminder
  • Click on birthdays. Then you have the list of notifications that you can activate.
    • Push
    • E-mail
    • Text
    • You can also turn on notifications for upcoming birthdays
See your friends' birthdays on facebook 1

Activate the reminder for Facebook birthdays from the mobile app

If you are on the Facebook application, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Launch the mobile application, then go to the menu. For this you need to press the strip of 3 lines.
  • Then you press Settings and privacy -> Settings -> notifications settings.
  • To push on Birthdays. You can then activate Facebook birthday notifications. The reminder of late birthdays is already activated. On the other hand, upcoming birthdays can be useful if you want to organize a surprise. You will receive a reminder a few days before your friends’ birthday.
facebook birthday notifications

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Stop notifications for Facebook birthdays

If you prefer not to receive notifications for today’s and upcoming birthdays on facebook. turning off notifications is as easy as turning it on. Even if you no longer receive notifications, it is still possible to see the birthday date on your friend’s profile.

To stop notifications for Facebook birthdays, you need to:

  • From your Facebook account, go to the Settings and privacy -> Settings -> notifications settings.
  • Then click on Birthdays. Then deactivate the button Allow notifications on Facebook.

How to hide the year of birth on Facebook?

The social network giant is making privacy a priority. Indeed, it makes it possible to hide certain “sensitive” information. Including your year of birth, your phone number, email address, etc. If you want to hide birthday year to prevent some users from having access to your age. Here is the procedure to follow :

  • Please go to Facebook, then your profile.
  • Then you have to click on About. In the About section, click on General information and contact details.
  • Scroll down to section General Info. You have the day and month of your birth. And just below you have the year. Opposite you have the earth icon (public). Click on public, then select only me. It is symbolized for a padlock.
hide anniversary year on facebook

Ways to wish your friends a happy Facebook birthday

Facebook gives you several possibilities to wish a happy birthday to a friend. The size and shape of the message depends on your affinity. Indeed, you probably do not send the same message to your friend or your beautiful.

  • Use Facebook Messenger to send a private message: Keep your birthday messages confidential. Only your friend could access it. The message can be text, images, etc. It’s always nice to have a nice private message for his birthday.
  • Post a message on your wall: Be creative and leave a message on your friend’s wall. This message is accessible to all. Please avoid writing confidential messages on their wall. It could be embarrassing.
  • Make a call via Facebook Messenger: Just a messenger call to reach your friend. Talking to each other directly is even better. Sometimes this can be disturbing for the latter. If you don’t have an answer for the first time. Please choose another option. Leaving a private message would be a good idea.

You have the option to send messages with beautiful pictures. There are several free image bank sites, including freepik. The images are categorized, take advantage to type “happy birthday” in the search bar.

To conclude, sending a birthday message to your friend is very important. Indeed, this message shows your affection for this friend. Facebook allows you to view late, current and upcoming birthdays. You will no longer have to jot down birthdays in your calendars. Just take a look on Facebook to get the information.