Secure Folder on Samsung: What it is and how to use it

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Secure Folder on Samsung: What it is and how to use it 1

If you have a Samsung phone with One UI, surely you have seen that it is an interface that gives you many possibilities of use. One of the functions that we can access in Spain is Secure Folder, which surely sounds familiar to many of you. It is a function that we can compare with the Safe in Huawei EMUI.

If you have a Samsung phone that uses One UI, you may want to use Secure Folder on occasion. Next we tell you what this function is and what it is for, in addition to the way in which we can use it on our phone, something that is very simple.

What is Secure Folder

Secure Folder on Samsung: What it is and how to use it 2

Secure Folder is a function present in Samsung phones, which is intended to protect the files that we introduce into it. In this case, we can introduce all kinds of files in it, in addition to making backup copies of applications. Everything that is entered in this folder will be encrypted, so that it is protected, preventing someone from entering.

By introducing these files in the folder, only the owner of the phone will have access, since the folder will be password protected or accessed by fingerprint. This feature makes use of the Knox security platform from Samsung. All data that is transferred is stored in a secure way and separately from the device, obtaining an additional layer of security.

Therefore, those files for which you want make a backup or have protected, because we don’t want someone to see them, we can save them in Secure Folder on the phone. Any Samsung phone, even models launched before the arrival of One UI, will be able to use it, since it is a function that has been in phones of the Korean brand for a few years.

How to use it on a Samsung phone

Secure Folder on Samsung: What it is and how to use it 3

To start using Secure Folder on your phone, we will have to enable it, so that then we are going to introduce the desired files in it. This is something we have to do from the phone settings, the steps are the same on all phones (as long as they use the same layer):

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter Biometric Data and Security.
  3. Look for the Secure Folder Section.
  4. Enter the section.
  5. Click on Start.
  6. Enter your PIN or use the fingerprint sensor.
  7. Copy files to folder.

Secure Folder on Samsung: What it is and how to use it 4

When inserting files into Secure Folder, you will be able to copy them, keeping a copy inside your gallery or files or moving them directly to said folder. Depending on what they are, or if it is something that you really do not want anyone to be able to see, you will have to decide which of the two options is appropriate in this case.

Every time you want to add new files to it, you just have to search Secure Folder among the applications of the phone and proceed to add files or applications, as you have done in this case. The folder is protected with a password, PIN, pattern or the fingerprint sensor, whatever you have previously established.

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