Secret codes in Spotify: how to make more precise searches

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Spotify search

Spotify is the most popular music streaming app in Spain. It is an application that stands out for its huge musical catalog, with many songs by artists and genres of all kinds. Doing a search in the application is not always easy, although we have options such as searching for songs by their lyrics, available for a few months.

To make navigating that huge catalog of songs something easier, Spotify has a series of search codes available, similar to the ones we have on Netflix. This makes searching for songs or artists much simpler and using them is really easy.

Simpler searches on Spotify

Spotify search codes

When we have such a large music catalog Like the one that the Swedish streaming application has, it is not always easy to find those songs that we are looking for. Luckily, the application has a series of search codes with which to adjust the results, making more precise searches. The codes that we can use are:

  • year: this code allows us to find the songs of a given year.
  • genre: if we are looking for a certain genre.
  • label: All the music that a specific record company has released.
  • isrc: songs are searched based on their ISRC number, which stands for International Standard Recording Code number, International Standard Recording Code in Spanish.
  • CPU: allows you to search for discs that match the Universal Product Code number, your universal product code, that is, the barcode.

Spotify codes to search

In these codes we will have to introduce a term afterwards, that is, if you are looking for songs from a specific year on Spotify, you will have to enter year 2020, for example, for the application to display those songs. In addition, you can combine codes, always using AND between them, for example “year 2020” AND “genre pop” and the results that match those terms will be displayed. You can also exclude terms using NOT, like “genre: pop NOT genre: french pop”.

These codes help you perform better searches and find songs that you like or that you have been looking for for a long time in the popular application. So you can use them at all times when you are looking for something and we do not know the lyrics of the songs, for example.

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