Second installment of the classic endless runner

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Anyone who has played Jetpack Joyride in the past will feel at home in this second part, and the concept is the same: dodge obstacles, collect coins and kill enemies with the invaluable help of your jetpack. Of course, this time you can help yourself all kinds of weapons and new vehicles.

Jetpack Joyride 2 - Running And Shooting
Jetpack Joyride 2 - Running And Shooting

Jetpack Joyride 2, one more graphic section at the forefront

It is, like the original, a runner automatic advance in which players must collect coins. However, as a novelty they include enemies that can not only be avoided, but in some cases it will be necessary shoot them using different weapons.

One of the most notable changes is the quality of its graphics, with HD graphics plus smoother animations, something that will contribute to a better gaming experience. Where there are no changes is in its operation: we have to dodge objects, kill enemies and collect coins, all with the help of the jetpack.

jetpack joyride 2 levels

The objective of each level is still to accumulate enough points to get the attention of the final boss and thus be able to progress in the new story. The concept is easy, but the game is not so easy: speed increases rapidly and the amount of obstacles, missiles, lasers, barricades and all kinds of enemies that are pouncing on you does not take long to become overwhelming. Therefore, as levels are completed we will see how the difficulty increases significantly, especially the speed to follow, but with the same purpose as in the original: accumulate points to reach the final boss and progress in the story.

More varied scenarios, weapons, powerups and enemies await you, with the same addictive result of the first game. The game still freemium, including coins, gems that can be used to upgrade your equipment or continue playing after losing a life. For now, the game has six labs (accessible after achieving a certain score) and the promise of more to come.

There are things that do not change from the first game

Despite being a sequel that includes more updated aspects and a more modern visual section, but there are things that never change. the essence remains the same, with similar objectives in levels and almost identical mechanics. That is why it is important to know what we still keep from the first installment, especially interesting for those who directly test the sequel.

In this game, players get back into the shoes of Barry steakfries, the mascot of Halfbrick, on your mission to escape an underground facility using the aforementioned jetpack to float above and below lasers, electrified traps, speedy missiles and other obstacles.

jetpack joyride 2 upgrades

Control is still a breeze, as Barry fires automatically, so you control the verticality of the player tapping anywhere on the screen. When jumping, Barry shoots towards the ground, in addition to shooting forward automatically if there are enemies or threats in the distance.

The mission system also provides each round with additional structure and motivation. Players always have three ongoing missions to deal with, drawn from a much larger set of goals. These range from the simple “play three games” to the difficult “go 500 meters without picking up any coins”, to the rarer “drag your head across the ceiling for 2000 meters”.

We continue to have items, which can be advantages such as extra lives, pumps to reach more distance, boosters to travel a distance without problems, etc. In addition to the advantages, you can buy new clothes and propellantsWhile these items don’t give you any head start, they’re just a cosmetic change, but some are a lot of fun and combining them gives the whole outfit a great look.

jetpack joyride 2 vehicles

Of course, we continue to have absences despite being a more current title. It is not that we are looking for the perfect game, but that we are talking about quite notorious absences. Assuming that it is a simple title, totally arcade and that it serves as a fun hobby, it is still striking that do not have an online section where you can compete with more players. We do have a classification where we can compare scores, but we are missing a way that allows us to challenge ourselves on the same screen with friends and people from all over the world.