Search songs by their lyrics: what’s new with Spotify for Android

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There’s a song that you can’t get out of your head but you don’t know the name of it or the name of the artist, you only remember part of his lyrics. This situation is known to millions of users in Spain, but thanks to the new function in Spotify, it will be easier for us to find that song that we cannot get out of our heads.

The application makes it possible to search for songs by their lyrics. Therefore, if you remember a part of a song’s lyrics, you just have to enter it in Spotify and it will then show you the results that match that letter. This will allow you to find your song very quickly.

Search songs by their lyrics on Spotify

Spotify search songs by lyrics

This new feature is now available to users of the application on Android. If you remember part of his handwriting, you will be able to enter it in the search engine in the application, which will then show you the results. You will then be able to reproduce that song, in order to check if it is the one you were looking for or not. Although it must be taken into account that this function will only be able to be used with those songs whose lyrics the app has, which are not all, but it should work with many. It can be used like this:

  1. Open Spotify on Android.
  2. Go to the search engine.
  3. Enter the lyrics of that song.
  4. Wait for it to show the matching results.
  5. Play the song to check that it is the one you were looking for.
  6. If you want, add the song to your playlists or mark it as a favorite.

This new feature is launched in the version of Spotify for mobile phones, but we will also be able to use it in the desktop version of the popular application. A good help to identify those songs of which we only know a part of their lyrics without leaving the application itself.

In order for us to be able to use this new function, we must have the most recent version available on Android, which we can download directly from the Play Store:

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