Saying “OK Google” will not be mandatory for some wizard commands

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Until not long ago, thinking of an intelligent voice assistant was something that only led us to imagine movies and books. However, the advances of many companies in the simulation and understanding of natural language has made it possible for anyone to have one at home.

Google and Amazon are the two that have their most advanced, but despite that, you have to invoke them every time, so they know that we are talking to them.

Now Google wants us not to use the “OK Google” command in some very specific circumstances.

OK Google will not be necessary in alarms, calls and timers

A couple of years ago Google started making it possible to stop smart speaker timers and alarms simply by saying “Stop.” And yes, we put it in English because this function did not reach other languages ​​at any time.


Now in 9to5Google they have discovered a function in the Google Assistant application settings on Android that would emulate this feature.

In this way, when our mobile is ringing for a scheduled alarm or beep because a timer it’s over we can silence it with a single word. Well, English speakers may as Spanish speakers do not yet have that feature available. They may also be answered calls, or reject them.

Basically Google wants that when a command is very obvious we do not have to previously say “OK Google”.

Saying "OK Google" will not be mandatory for some wizard commands 1

Of course, it is a feature in development, since it cannot be activated at the moment even if the setting appears to some people. Even the web to which the settings screen redirects so that we know what happens when you activate this function is not yet operational.

It seems very useful not to have to invoke the wizard at a specific time like this when it is obvious that saying the word Stop is to silence an incoming alarm. We will have to wait to see if it reaches other languages ​​such as Spanish or if we can use the wizard without commands in other activities.

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