Samurai games for Android in the Ghost of Tsushima style

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Table of Contents

Origin of these Japanese fighters

If you are a bit interested in history, you may be curious to know a little about the origins of the samurai. The samurai was a elite warrior whose origin is found in feudal Japan of the 10th century, reaching its reason for being two centuries later, in the 12th century and whose existence lasted until the Meiji Revolution in the 19th century, when its privileges were abolished.

The use of the word “samurai” in Japanese evolved until it acquired the military meaning that we know today and that refers to one who serves a lord. Still, there were samurai fighting in WWII. He is the quintessential Japanese warrior. Samurai culture still serves as a guide for many people, including Westerners who see in its ethics and code of honor an appropriate and dignified way of life.

Referents of samurai in video games (Ghost of Tsushima, Nioh …)

It is normal that we have the concern to try games with these warriors as protagonists, since there are several high-quality exponents on other platforms such as consoles. Over the years, better titles have come out, rather than being a genre in decline. Examples are Nioh, Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima, or Dinasty Warriors.

All of them are characterized by being hack and slash, games with large spaces to explore and excellent graphic qualities, as well as an accurate representation of that feudal Japan. In fact, another of the popular titles is Samurai Shodown, which has its own adaptation for mobile phones and that we are going to analyze in this list.

Samurai games for Android

Samurai II Vengeance

Set within a typical story of anime Japanese, this RPG takes us to a new sensation of gameplay, with a engaging 3D graphics experience more typical of dedicated consoles or PC games.

It includes both puzzles and battles in the action, animated by a joystick and virtual buttons on the screen, with dynamic camera movements that will help us better enjoy each game scenario.


Ronin: The Last Samurai

A game focused on an outstanding artistic section and a story that lives up to these Japanese warriors. In fact, it is faithfully based on samurai who became ronin, warriors who survived after the death of their lord until they found another.

Like a good samurai, our most faithful friends will be our swords, with which we will have to face increasingly powerful enemies that will not make it easy for us. Throughout our adventure and as we defeat our enemies, we can unlock new skills, weapons and objects to improve our character. Thus, we can classify this game within the genre Action-RPG.

Ronin: the Last Samurai
Ronin: the Last Samurai

Glory Ages Samurais

is an excellent game of tactical battles with swords and with a great visual style. One of the best insights that can be said about Glory Ages Samurais is knowing how to transfer all those legends and the mystery that has always surrounded Japan of centuries past. That tall grass that does not stop moving is one of those graphic elements that are capable of transferring that mystery to us.

The sequences of the animations of the samurai is simply to remember. Smooth movements, unexpected turns and a physics That makes us even able to feel the gravity of the weight of the sword. And it is that we can even acquire new swords with more damage and better maneuverability that allows our samurai to be achieved in a whole steel killing machine in hand.

glory ages

Glory Ages - Samurais
Glory Ages - Samurais

Samurai flash

We are facing an ideal game to disconnect for a little while. And is that Samurai flash is a title unpretentious, but it will provide us with many hours of fun and a very satisfying experience.

To play we will have to control a samurai (or any of the characters that we unlock) immersed in a frantic race armed with two sharp katanas, one in each hand. They are so sharp that it will be enough to walk past enemies, walls and columns to split them in half.

Samurai flash
Samurai flash

Super Samurai Rampage

Super Samurai Rampage is a game with a clear arcade essence with an artistic and pixelated style, in which we must destroy all the rivals that come our way. A bloodthirsty samurai and revenge is the protagonist of this title developed for Android.

The game formula is very simple, since the only thing we have to worry about is to liquidate as many enemies appear on the screen in the most explosive ways you can imagine, trying to chain combos that make us increase our score.

super samurai rampage

Samurai Shodown 2

Samurai Shodown 2 is a fighting series video game for Android with up to 15 swordsmen and new movements that also incorporates customizable touch controls and multiplayer via Bluetooth among other special features. Features fan-favorite episodes of the acclaimed SNK series.


Dynasty Warriors Mobile

Dynasty Warriors was born as a traditional fighting game, but the success of its sequel in the territory of mass battles ended up causing its origin to be forgotten. Perfect World has wanted to resurrect the fight of Dynasty Warriors with Mobile, a video game that will face fifty of the protagonists of the franchise in one-on-one battles.

Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos
Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos


Shurado is an action video game for iOS and Android that transports us to a dark fantasy world, hell for those who have murdered many, in which we must finish off our rivals in exciting 1 vs 1 sword duels. Shurado is a game by Ganbarion, authors of Dragon Ball Fusions and One Piece: Unlimited World Red, which is committed to the free-to-play business model with microtransactions.


Takashi Ninja Warrior – Shadow of Last Samurai

Takashi is a fierce warrior in a dark and corrupt world. Confront the forces of evil and help him save his people in this exquisite game from the studio Horizon Games that mixes elements of real-time combat, adventure and RPG.

It is a fast-paced action game with lots of battles. Of course, the title is quite misleading, because the character that we will handle has more of a samurai than a ninja. To enjoy this dark and bloody game we must advance through the scenarios eliminating our enemies and the bosses, either through stealth or with the different weapons that Takashi carries.

Takashi Ninja Warrior - Shadow of Last Samurai
Takashi Ninja Warrior - Shadow of Last Samurai