Samsung’s camera is updated with a Moon Mode

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The Samsung camera application is a very complete application that helps users with brand phones obtain great images. Although this app has fewer features than Google’s camera, such as Astrophotography Mode, one of the star functions in this application.

With hardly any noise, Samsung has introduced a new feature in its camera app, called Moon Mode, basically a Moon Mode. This mode has been seen in the brand’s phones that use One UI 2.5 and One UI 3, the two most recent versions of its interface, which some mobiles in Spain already use.

This is the Moon Mode of the Samsung camera

Samsung camera Moon Mode

This new Moon Mode has been around for a while in Samsung’s camera app, probably since the arrival of One UI 2.5, although so far the manufacturer hasn’t said anything about this feature. This is not as spectacular a feature as Astrophotography Mode in Google’s camera. In fact, it is not a special mode that we have to activate.

The Moon Mode is integrated into the application’s scene optimizer, therefore, It will only be shown when we are pointing to the moon with the phone’s camera. When pointing the camera at the moon, a small warning should be displayed on the screen informing that it detects that it is the moon and that the scene optimizer is responsible for adapting the camera to obtain the best possible photo.

This is not a spectacular feature, although many speculate that Samsung is working on a major upgrade to its camera app. Since it could be a step prior to introducing your own Astrophotography Mode in your application. Although at the moment there are no data or indications that point to it.

If you have a Samsung mobile with One UI 2.5 or One UI 3, then you probably already have this Moon Mode in the camera app. To check it, you will have to try to take a photo of the moon and you will see if this mode appears on the screen or not.

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