Samsung’s browser improves in a big way: these are its 6 new functions

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Samsung browser

Samsung Internet is the brand’s browser, present in their Galaxy mobiles in Spain. Since its launch, the manufacturer has made many improvements to this browser, such as more customization options. The beta 13.2 of this application is already officially launched and leaves us with a series of news that Android users can enjoy now.

The Samsung browser leaves us with six novelties with which it seeks to improve the browsing experience. We find protection against unwanted redirects, a better dark mode, ARCore update and better integration of system settings, among others.

Samsung improves its browser

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The main novelty that the Samsung browser leaves us is Smart Protect, which is a system that seeks to notify the user when a website they have entered seeks to download a malicious file, which could contain malware. When this happens, a notice is displayed on the screen so that they can safely return to the home page. This prevents the web from taking us to a dangerous or malicious URL without permission.

This new beta also introduces a quick view of URLs that you have stored on the clipboard. A tap on the address bar gives you access to a quick menu where you can see the URL you have copied. If you click on it, you go directly in that direction. You will not have to press the Go button for this.

The Samsung browser also allows us to make certain adjustments in it directly in the mobile settings. That is, we will not have to open the browser and move between its menus to activate or deactivate a certain setting or control, such as deactivating cookies, for example. In the phone’s own settings we can search for that option and enter that setting directly. The process becomes simpler and faster.

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After an ARCore update will disable the augmented reality feature of Samsung Internet, this beta 13.2 has fixed the bug, so augmented reality will work the way you want it now. As well improvements are made to dark mode of this browser. Developers are also given more control over how their websites will look in dark browser mode.

If you want to download this beta of the Samsung browser, you can do it now from the Play Store. Thanks to it you will have access to all these news in it.

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