Samsung’s best seller in the mid-range will have water resistance

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Samsung's best seller in the mid-range will have water resistance 1

The Galaxy A50 have become a key part of Samsung in Spain, and this range has become, year after year, Samsung’s biggest bestseller and one of the best-selling mobiles globally, with the Galaxy A52 being the next mobile that will hit the market.

For the next generation, Samsung plans to continue to load its mid-range model with high-end features. As we can know from the well-known Evleaks filter, the Galaxy A52 in its 5G variant will have resistance to water and dust.

The Galaxy A52 5G will have water resistance

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The Galaxy A52 is close to being presented, and we know that Samsung is preparing two specific models with 4G and 5G connectivity. Contrary to what happened in models such as the Galaxy S20, where connectivity was the only differential value, in the case of the Galaxy A52 the differences would go far beyond this connectivity, and it is that it would have a 120 Hertz screen and a most advanced processor, the Snapdragon 750G.

Samsung's best seller in the mid-range will have water resistance 2

It seems that it will not be the only extra of this mobile, and is that as we can know in the latest leaks, the Galaxy A52 5G will also have IP certification. The corresponding water and dust protection certification would be IP67, which according to the IEC 60529 standard, would mean that:


  • IP 6X:No dust can enter under any circumstances.
  • IP X7: The device can be fully submerged within a distance of one meter for 30 minutes.

The IP 67 certification is more than enough to protect the mobile in the event that it falls into the water, whether in the kitchen sink, in the bathtub or a small pool. Despite the fact that the resistance is tested and certified, it is always advisable to remember that this protection is not designed so that we can submerge the mobile whenever we feel like it, but to avoid breakdowns in the event of an accident, and that in case the mobile has any crack due to previous falls would lose effectiveness.

The Galaxy A52 5G would have a price in Spain of 449 euros according to the leaks, something that did not convince us at first due to its processor but that little by little becomes more convincing as we know its characteristics.

Samsung’s best-seller entry in the mid-range will have water resistance appears first in The Free Android.