Samsung would launch three new Exynos processors this year

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Samsung presented in January your high-end Exynos 2100 processor, which is the one that the Galaxy S21 in Spain use. This new processor from the firm has been a significant leap in performance, after years of criticism for the worse performance of its high-end in Europe, compared to the American versions with Snapdragon chips.

In addition, Samsung processors have also managed to be crowned in fields such as photography. Looking ahead to this year we can expect new processors within its Exynos range, at least up to three new processors, to be launched in various segments.

Three new Samsung Exynos in 2021

Samsung Exynos presentation


It was the well-known leaker Ice Universe who has revealed this information. Samsung’s plans are to launch three new Exynos processors throughout this year. No specific dates have been given for this, but we know at least which segment each of these new processors would belong to.

The first of them would be Exynos 22xx (in the absence of knowing the final name), which would be the next high-end processor of the brand, and it is said that this would be the processor that I would finally use an AMD GPU. It could debut on an ARM-based notebook first, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

The second chip that Samsung would leave us is the Exynos 12xx, which would be the successor of Exynos 1080, presented at the end of last year and that for a time was thought was the chip that was going to be used in the Galaxy S21. The last of them would be an Exynos 8xx, which would be destined for the firm’s mid-range phones, so it would happen to chips like Exynos 880 and 850.

We will still have to wait a while to meet these three new processors that Samsung would present this year. Also to know what the final names of each of them will be, as well as in which devices we will see them when they reach the market.

The entry Samsung would launch three new Exynos processors this year appears first in The Free Android.