Samsung will update old Galaxy phones to give them new uses

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Samsung Galaxy recycling program

Millions of users in Spain have an old Android mobile that they want to give some use to, such as turning it into a GPS locator. The usual thing is that to give it another use, an app is downloaded for it. Samsung seeks to go one step further with its old Galaxy phones, as they have officially announced in their conference at CES 2021.

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Upcycling at Home program, a program to recycle our old Galaxy phones at home. The idea is that we give a new use to said old device inside the home. It will provide ideas and tips to users to reuse these devices.

Samsung helps you give your Galaxy mobile another use

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The way this program works is curious, because Samsung will release an optional software update for older devices within its Galaxy range. This update is responsible for introducing new functions in the device, so that it can be given a new use within your home. The brand has also given several examples of possible uses.

For example, a mobile could be used as a monitor to monitor your baby. By placing the device on a charger in the baby’s room, special software will be able to detect if the baby is crying and send you a notification. In addition, Knox could also be used for security inside your home or use the SmartThings application to detect if there is little light in a room in your house and turn on smart lighting inside the home, if necessary.

Samsung Galaxy phone recycling program

For now it is not known which Samsung mobiles will be the ones that can receive this update to give them a new use. Surely soon the list of specific models will be known. In the video you can see models like the Galaxy S9 or the S8, so they may be phones with three years old or more, those that are part of the program.

This Samsung program is presented as a good initiative to reduce the number of devices that are thrown away or left unused in a drawer at home. So surely many users around the world are benefiting and can put their old Galaxy phones to a new use.

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