Samsung will bet on the normal Galaxy S21: cheaper and more production

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The Galaxy S21 will be the first high-end this year to arrive in Spain. As confirmed earlier this week, the presentation of these Samsung phones will take place on January 14. A week after this presentation, we already have a large amount of data on this family of devices, due to the many leaks that have occurred so far.

Samsung presents the Galaxy S21 family a month earlier than usual for its part, a change in strategy that does not go unnoticed. It is not the only change that the firm has planned with this range, as they seek give great prominence to the normal model, which would occupy 60% of production.

Samsung will produce more normal Galaxy S21s

Galaxy S21

As reported by various media, Samsung has its hopes on the normal Galaxy S21, which they hope will be the best-selling model in this new range. For that reason, the signature would provide 60% of the production capacity for this model, which will thus have a clear preference for this model. In addition, the price of the normal model would be cheaper than that of the S20 in South Korea, since its price would go from 1,245,000 Korean wongs to 999,000 wongs, about 745 euros to change. This is something that would help your sales.

This strategy would be followed with the full range, at least in South Korea. The S21 Plus would be cheaper than the S20 Plus, while the S21 Ultra, the most expensive of the range, would maintain the same price as the S20 Ultra launched at the beginning of last year. This new brand strategy would help them get better sales.

Why has Samsung changed its strategy with this new range? There are two main reasons for this: to contain the advancement of the iPhone 12 in the market, in addition to fill the gap in the market that Huawei has left. The Galaxy S21 would be presented as a more accessible range, making it a favorite option among consumers in the market. Seeking to give more prominence to the normal model is something that is born from the success that the Galaxy S20 FE has had in the market these months.

Samsung will bet on the normal Galaxy S21: cheaper and more production 1

Although a greater prominence will be given to the normal Galaxy S21, the other two models will be two of the best phones to be launched within the high-end range on Android throughout 2021. In addition, the new functions that are introduced in these devices, with One UI 3.1, such as support for the S Pen , will help your popularity in the market. The prices that Samsung establishes will also play an important role in this range.

On January 14 this new high-end will be made official, so we will have all the details, such as its prices in Spain. Then we can see if this Samsung strategy is the right one or not.

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