Samsung wants to manufacture cameras 600 Mpx what we will see in smartphones?

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One of the biggest changes in digital photography in recent years has been the increase in the resolution of the sensors, particularly in smartphones, which have reached the 108 Mpx.

To the end of the year would not be strange to see some modules 200 Mpx, but it seems that will not be there the thing, at least as far as Samsung is concerned. Their leaders have spoken openly that the intent of the company to create sensors with more resolution than the human eye.

Samsung wants to create sensors 600 Mpx

Xiaomi plans to a mobile phone with a camera 108 Mpx

In an editorial published on its website, the company explained how he sees the future of digital photography, and how to invest numerous resources in order to achieve it.

Yongin Park, responsible of the Samsung team that develops the photographic sensors, it speaks of how the digital image will be relevant not only in the field of smartphones, where it already is, but in others, such as autonomous cars, the Internet of Things, or agriculture.

In these sectors the need of a higher resolution could involve a change of use, and the ida of having 600 Mpx in the same chamber would be something key. In fact, this would come to rival the human eye in when the amount of information received.

What we see in smartphones?

The editorial does not speak of these sensors will arrive in the short term, and even fewer that do so on mobile. In fact, in a clarification published on the Android Authority the company indicates that “the sensor 600 Mpx mentioned in the article is more of a long-term goal without a time line visible at this point that a specific project in development“.

But, given that in a short time it is more than likely that we have sensors 200 Mpx, it is a matter of time that this race in moving closer to the 600 Mpx to our day-to-day.

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