Samsung updates SmartThings with support for Android Auto

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Samsung SmartThings on Android Auto

Those users in Spain with a Samsung mobile will know the SmartThings application, the app for controlling smart devices that comes integrated in many models of the manufacturer. After the presentation of the new Galaxy S21 last week, the firm confirmed that this app was going to introduce Android Auto support soon.

The new version of Samsung SmartThings is rolling out already and in it we find that expected support for Android Auto. This new version of the application is already being launched in the Play Store, in addition to being possible to download the APK of it now.

Samsung SmartThings integrates with Android Auto

SmartThings Samsung Android Auto

Android Auto support appears in version of SmartThings from Samsung. In this version of the application we already find an Android Auto section within the settings. Once inside this section, you can select which smart home devices will appear in the Android Auto control panel, with a maximum of six devices to select.

In addition, it is also possible to receive notifications from Android Auto when you are close to home, so that the lights at home will turn on before you get out of the car, for example. This type of action will allow you control home devices from the car, so that when you get home everything is the way you want.

Android Auto Samsung SmartThings

The interface in Android Auto is simple, with a switch for each of the devices, as well as a settings button, for configuring notifications. So this integration with SmartThings seems to fulfill its function and purpose well. In addition, the presence of notifications allows a better use of these devices from the car.

The new version of Samsung’s SmartThings is being deployed in the Play Store officially. If you have a smartphone from the brand, you probably already have this new version of the application available. You can also download the APK of it at this link.

Samsung updates SmartThings with support for Android Auto 1

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