Samsung updates its mobile web browser: these are its four new functions

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Samsung browser

Samsung Internet is the brand’s browser, which we can download in Spain. These months various updates have been released for it and now it is the turn of a new one. This is beta version number 14 for this browser, where a series of improvements are introduced in it, which will help it to function better.

One of the keys to Samsung’s browser is that is frequently updated, now launching this new beta. Functions such as allowing the launch of several browsers at the same time, the automatic blocking of trackers or a special mode for folding phones are introduced.

These are the improvements in Samsung’s browser

Samsung Browser App Pairs

Samsung seeks to improve your browser in various fields such as privacy. So several of the functions that we find in this beta number 14 of it are oriented in that sense, in addition to multitasking. Along with the usual bug fixes and stability improvements, the browser has left us with these changes:

  • App Pairs: The big news in this beta is that it allows users to create a shortcut for two or three browsers to run at the same time on the phone. This feature makes multitasking easier, such as passing data between them. It is available only for mobile phones of the Korean brand.

Samsung browser blocker trackers

  • Trackers Blocking: This version of the browser introduces automatic detection of trackers, which will block if any are detected. It also incorporates a security panel in which to control what happens with said navigation.
  • Flex mode: The browser adapts to folding mobiles with this new mode, such as the split view of videos. By having this mode activated, the playback window is shown at the top and the controls at the bottom, for example.
  • Sources: Samsung adds the ability to customize the web font in your browser to that of the phone, so the same will be displayed in both. This is a function that is added in the experimental section of it, the Labs.

The new version of the browser, the beta with number 14, can be downloaded now on devices. As you know, this browser is not only available for brand phones, but is also compatible with other Android smartphones. If you were looking for an alternative to browsers like Chrome, you can download it to your mobile, available now in the Play Store:

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