Samsung stalls the update of the Galaxy S10 to Android 11

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Throughout this month of January we are seeing many brands launch updates to Android 11 of many of the phones in their catalogs, especially the high-end ones. A good example is Samsung, which has not only updated the S20, Note 20 or their folding, but also the Samsung Galaxy S10.

In fact, these terminals were being updated to Android 11 even in Spain, as we told you a week ago.

Android 11 gives problems in the Galaxy S10

However, as SamMobile reports, it appears that the company has paused the delivery of OTAs to these models due to some sort of problem.

At the moment there is no response or official statement from the company, but some users who have installed this version on their mobile phones have noticed that there are certain problems with the cameras.

Samsung stalls the update of the Galaxy S10 to Android 11

In addition, mobile phones sometimes get hotter than necessary. This does not mean that there is danger of damage, but it is always better to be careful.

In addition to the pause in sending OTAs, Samsung has also paused updates related to SmartSwitch.

At the moment we do not know when the updates will resume, both for those who are still on Android 10 and for those who need the refined version of Android 11 on their Galaxy S10.

The entry Samsung paralyzes the update of the Galaxy S10 to Android 11 appears first in The Free Android.