Samsung Reminder can now sync with Microsoft To Do: productivity wherever you are

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Samsung is one of the largest mobile manufacturers available in Spain, and despite having a very complete ecosystem of its own, some of its functionalities in the cloud are about to disappear. Far from being a step back in their ecosystem, this resignation has become an opportunity by partnering with Microsoft to create a much more complete ecosystem.

An example is Samsung Cloud, whose natural replacement will be OneDrive, but this does not stop there. Other applications, far from disappearing, begin to expand their functionalities by integrating with Microsoft services, such as Samsung’s reminders, which are now integrated with Microsoft To Do.

Microsoft To Do and Samsung Reminder are already syncing with each other

With the arrival of the Galaxy Note 20, Samsung announced some special integrations such as two applications for tasks and reminders. Samsung Reminder and Microsoft To Do were to enjoy an integrated experience, which is already available in the latest version of the application.

Samsung Reminder can now sync with Microsoft To Do: productivity wherever you are 1

Once you receive the application update, a notice will appear indicating that it is now possible to synchronize Microsoft To Do notes in your application. This will require us to log in with the Microsoft account in which we use To Do, and once synchronized we can add notes from the web and appear in Reminder, and vice versa.

Reminder’s notes integration with To Do is coming in beta, and in our test we saw several limitations. The first one is thatwe can only synchronize a list of tasks. On a personal level it has not been a problem for me to only have one list of tasks, but if you have several lists you will have to choose one. If this is your case, you better keep using Microsoft To-Do.

Samsung Reminder can now sync with Microsoft To Do: productivity wherever you are 2

This version of Samsung Reminder has not yet appeared in the Galaxy Store, and if it does not appear, you can test it by installing the APK file directly on your Samsung mobile. It is important to note that even if you download the APK, you still cannot have the reminders on the Galaxy Watch (if you use one) since for this you will have to wait to receive the update in the Galaxy Store.

The Samsung Reminder entry can now be synchronized with Microsoft To Do: productivity wherever you are appears first in The Free Android.